At the Office: Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Dorchester’s office is a colorful place.

Most of the chairs are relics from the 80’s; orange, cushy things that envelop you in their warm embrace. The carpet was once blue (I’m told), but is now a dusty grey. Enlarged covers of bestselling books don the walls, as do plaques and awards from over the years. Black, fat filing cabinets holding hundreds of contract files make for narrow walkways, and any given desk or counter space is adorned with piles of books, papers, cover flats, coffee stains, stray pencils, computers, tootsie rolls or Twizzlers. Our stately glass front doors advertise the Dorchester logo, but I like to think they’re prankster ferrets posing as doors, because they occasionally decide to lock, on more than one occasion leaving us stranded in the hallway.

Dorchester has been headquartered in this quirky, beloved office for almost 10 years. Although it’s a bit run-down and slightly disheveled, it’s home to many of us.

Over the past week I took a few snapshots of the office, attempting to communicate that the small, everyday moments and details are what make this place homey. I hope you enjoy them!


Hannah, Marketing & Promotions Coordinator

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5 Responses to At the Office: Behind-the-Scenes Photos

  1. noraadrienne says:

    I like that .50 cal shell that someone has on their desk, very tasteful.

  2. Thanks for the inside peek! I’ve loved your authors and your beautiful book covers for years.

  3. Matt O'Connell says:

    Great shots… miss you all!!

  4. Thanks for sharing these photos! I love Dorchester books, because the vast majority of books I’ve purchased, I noticed are by you guys. Seeing those pics of books makes me want to go through them all to see if there’s anything I don’t have already or haven’t read! LOL!

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