Last Chance for One Day Dollar Deals + Year End Sale!

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End of the Year Sale: ALL Paperbacks 50% Off!

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One Day Dollar Deals for Horror Lovers!

We’re back with another round of One Day Dollar Deals. With the holidays fast approaching, digital stocking stuffers are here to save the day! Take advantage of these great deals from the comfort of your home (and laptop!). Today only, Dorchester is offering select titles for just one dollar. That’s right—one dollar!     

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All horror paperbacks are 30% off! 
Stuff some stockings this year with great fiction at great prices, like the classic zombie-fest Spore.
Spore is infectious. Let it seduce you with its drug-fueled mayhem, powerful imagery, engagingly complicated people, and extremely fun plot—with zombies as you’ve never seen them before. Just one taste and you’re hooked.”
—Amelia Beamer, Author of The Loving Dead
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‘Tis the season—One Day Dollar Deals

With the holidays looming, you need a break! Take advantage of ONE DAY DOLLAR DEALS from the comfort of your home (and laptop!). Today only Dorchester is offering selected titles for just one dollar. That’s right—one dollar!     

Today’s One Day Dollar Deals are: 



Tune in throughout the month of December for more One Day Dollar Deals!

If covers could speak…
Scandals? Secrets? Yes please! Connie Mason’s The Price of Pleasure is a passionate must-have for the adventurer that lies within all of us. 

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 “. . . A sizzling romance, emotionally powerful and superbly detailed. It’s a memorable must-read.” —Fresh Fiction 


Traverse the wild blue yonder…
In this fast-paced Western from the critically acclaimed Max Brand, The Golden Cat follows an unlikely band of characters who must fight to survive. Will they make it out of the open wilderness alive?

Available in e-book for just $1! Snag this deal before the day is out, partner. 

“Brand practices his art to something like perfection.” —The New York Times

Masks, masques, and marauding…
Historical romance enthusiasts, rejoice! Dawn MacTavish’s Counterfeit Lady is a delightful foray into the world of high society and endless intrigue. 

Available in e-book for just $1. You better hurry! Put on your dancing shoes and purchase today. 

“. . . [C]harms readers with the mayhem that ensues. It’s truly a joyous read.” —RT Book Reviews

Deal of the Week comin’ at ya from the gang at Dorchester

Did you know that every week on the Dorchester Web site, you can get your hands on some crazy deals? We call it Deal of the Week, and every Tuesday a new one comes out, just like the grocery store flyers in the paper. From  e-books on sale for $3.99 to trade paperbacks marked down 40%, you can get some screaming deals!

Today’s the last day to get Edward Lee’s e-books for just $3.99 each. Stop by the site tomorrow, when James L. Thane’s gritty police thriller, No Place to Die, goes on sale.

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Fighting Illiteracy One E-Book Bundle at a Time

“Bundling” is a word we love to hear in this economy (no, not the kind of bundling that implies “wooing one’s sweetheart” or “dressing warm in chilly weather”). I’m talking about product bundling, of course, a superbly savvy savings strategy (say that 3 times fast) commonly utilized by the cable industry, fast food chains, software companies, and insurance companies. Well move over other players, because anything you can do, publishing can do better! We’ve got bundling too, only we do it with BOOKS, the best product anyone anywhere could ever dream of bundling.

This is part of why I love my job. I get to create e-book bundles tailored specifically to our audience’s desires; I think about what sorts of combinations fans are looking for, at what price, I create snazzy bundle covers for each one, and release it into the marketplace for your reading pleasure. On a monthly basis there’s always new bundles out there, so you can read multiple books from your favorite authors and genres…for less. *Note: if you’re not already smiling, you should be.

Below is an array of the e-book bundles available right this very second. If you’re an instant gratification fan, you should be smiling, too. My personal favorite is the Virtue bundle, since I love Regency romance, but there’s an array of genre bundles for just about anyone. Click on the bundle covers to learn more!

So remember: e-book bundles give you more to read, for less. So lets support literacy by reading more. Together. We all need to do our part.


*These e-book bundles are exclusive to the Sony Reader store.

Celebrate the 4th with $4 e-books

Viva, the American Old West!

First there was Independence. Then there was expansion. Before our great country spread from coast to coast, there was endless miles of wild, gorgeous, dangerous land to be “tamed.” We all know the stories of the daring cowboys and brave Indians, but yet, they never seem to get old.

We’re proud to be a publisher of great Western fiction, and we’ve got the best of the best on our list. In celebration of our country’s history, we’re offering them for $4.00 so all can indulge in some classic shoot em’ up tales (and some Western romances for the ladies, of course). Take your pick from the titles below!

Happy 4th of July, readers!


Summer Sale on Beach Reads!

Remember the days when all you needed at the beach was a towel and a good book? Well look out traditionalists, because the new beach essentials are sunscreen and an e-reader!

No one wants to be caught with only one book at the beach; it’s just as irresponsible to have a minimal amount of reading options as it is to intentionally give yourself skin cancer. So grab your SPF and load up your e-reader with our Summer Beach Reads! Whether you’re looking for a steamy romance or a lighthearted contemporary, these books are the perfect addition to your seaside forays. And we’re offering them at $3.99 just for you!

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June Bundles: Grab Em’ While They Last

If you love e-books AND great deals, then e-book bundles are for you, bookworm! Take a look at the remainder of our June offers:

The Bad Boy of the Sea

Intern Becky

Sketchy Becky

What is the allure of pirates? They captivate the imaginations of both the young and old, despite the fact that pirates of yore tended not be the nicest of folks. We dedicate an entire day to talking like them, they strut across the silver screen, and everyone from the Muppets to the Doctor has spent quality time with them. Pirates are animated, transformed into action figures, and doted upon. On the bright side, they do not regularly attempt to drink the blood of mortals or sparkle in the sun. Thus, our attraction to them is not totally insane. But seriously, where does the appeal of these seafaring individuals stem from? Maybe it’s just the sight of a guy with…er, a talking parrot and an eyepatch that gets hearts pounding?

Captain Jack Sparrow

O, that I were a steering wheel.

Pirates are on our minds currently. Possibly because the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie just came out. It makes one want to start going “ARGH!” or maybe that’s because it’s Friday and nearly the weekend. Since I can’t don a tricorne hat, I will settle for entertaining everyone with random pirate facts, in addition to considering the evolution of the pirate in popular culture.

  • Did you know that pirate ships utilized limited democracies? And that part of the treasure was put into a general fund that compensated injuries sustained by the crew? Gaining a peg leg also meant collecting a nice pile of gold.
Drawing of pirates


  • How about the fact that pirates (and sailors in general) would wear eyepatches even when they had two perfectly healthy eyes? When going below deck, a pirate could simply flip the patch to the other eye and avoid having to wait for his sight to adjust to the dark.
  • Julius Caesar was once kidnapped by Cilician pirates and ransomed for fifty talents of gold. Originally, they were just going to charge twenty pieces, but Caesar claimed he was worth more than that. Unfortunately for the pirates, after regaining his freedom, Caesar raised a fleet and had them hunted down and…let’s say, those pirates never kidnapped anyone else again.
Amy Pond from Doctor who as a pirate

The ingredients for a pirate: a sword, a hat, and a coat.

  • Let’s not forget that Vikings were pirates. Sadly, they sailed aboard ships and never wore horned helmets. This does nothing to lessen the fact that they are wicked awesome when donning headgear and riding dragons.

How to Train Your Dragon VikingsIs it any wonder that dashing versions of these pirates frequently appear as the heroes of romance novels? The most bewildering aspect of the covers of some of these books is how well maintained their appearances are. I mean, check these guys out. Most average dudes of the 21st century aren’t this groomed. Shaving creams and powders were expensive back in the day. Using a rusty razor is presumably as dangerous and unhygienic as it sounds. Is it any wonder pirates typically sported beards? Additionally, I very much doubt any spare time a pirate happened upon would be spent slathering hot wax on a hair chest for the ladies.

Dorchester's Pirates books

Pirates: way sexier than you remembered

Pirates from Muppet Treasure Island

Does anyone else want to start singing about cabin fever?

Braids in a pirate’s beard can signify a number of things, such as men killed or whether a guy has a girlfriend back in port. That’s kind of sweet…in a ruthless-pirate-sort-of-way. Not that I’m complaining about the shaved guys of the covers. There is nothing at all wrong with a handsome, fictional pirate. Simply avoid time-traveling to meet any real ones.

Dread Pirates Robert from The Princess BrideThe fictional pirates of today have cleaned up nicely. They’re the right amount of charming and sinister. Captain Hook is fabulous, evil, and too inept to defeat a gaggle of children. Captain Jack backstabs but not quite. The Dread Pirate Roberts is just…really, really hot and romantic and could save me from Rodents of Unusual Size any time. Historical accuracy is nothing to scoff at, but trips in the fantastical when it comes to pirates often lead to remarkable adventures. (Plus, you’ll ultimately be a whole lot happier than you spent time with a non-existent pirate rather than a real one.)

Because we all deserve a little treasure, Pirate e-books are on sale for $3.99!Captain Hook from Peter Pan

The Pirate Hunter by Jennifer Ashley

Once a Pirate by Susan Grant

The Perils of the Heart by Jennifer Ashley

The Care and Feeding of Pirates by Jennifer Ashley

Pleasuring the Pirate by Emily Bryan

The Pirate Next Door by Jennifer Ashley

Batman as a pirate

Even Batman has been a pirate.

E-Reader Blog Series: Borders Kobo + GIVEAWAY

Tricky Nicki, the intern

Welcome to day three! This time around, I’m not completely out of my league, since I’m working with the Borders Kobo. Around the time that I stopped working at Borders, e-readers were just beginning to become pretty darn big—I actually considered myself lucky for getting out in time (having to learn all that tech-jargon? No thank you). Of course, now I realize how important they really are. To be perfectly honest, if you’re as avid a book-lover as me, you’re going to have to learn to live with e-readers. Yes, you can decide not to buy one. But they’ll still be around: in bookstores and online, everywhere you turn. And even if the devices don’t get you, the e-books will. It’s like the digital Armageddon.

Surprise! I’m not reading a paranormal romance this time. I know, shocking. I had to choose between a paranormal and an historical, and I figured what the heck—time to step out of my recently discovered comfort zone. So I went with In for a Penny by Rose Lerner.

Model: Borders Kobo
Price: this model is no longer available (but you can find it on Amazon for around $80)
Weight: 7.8 ounces
Storage Capability: holds around 1,000 e-books
Battery Life: lasts up to 10,000 page turns (about two weeks)
Bonus: comes with 100 free classics and has five adjustable font sizes

Their spiel: Designed for readers, the Kobo eBook Reader offers a smart, no-frills approach to enjoying books anywhere. The 6-inch display produces a crisp view of text and graphics, so you can enjoy reading without squinting or moving the reader to avoid glare. It comes complete with 1GB internal memory, and a battery that lasts up to 2 weeks (this was taken from the Borders website).

My Take: I used to think the Kobo was the best e-reader out there. And, in a way, it can be. It takes a uniquely no-frills approach to the digital age, offering the most simplistic device with rather basic features. Which is great, if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s actually why I recommended this e-reader to my dad, who is notoriously out-of-the-loop concerning anything digital (you should see his text messages). It has one large navigation button, with four additional buttons on the side (home, menu, display, and back). Really doesn’t get much easier than that.

It’s interesting, actually. Before starting this project, I would have pinned myself as a Kobo kind of girl. It’s easy to use, and even those of us who actively try to avoid technology can handle it. But I found I actually missed some of the bonus features of the other two e-readers I’ve used; especially the touch-screen menu of the Nook. Yes, the Kobo is perfect—that is, if you want a device that is just an e-reader, no strings attached. I did like the feel of it when reading: the quilted back is a nice feature. But I was disappointed overall: it seemed to have a bit of a lag when moving between pages, and I know now that, if I’m going to be spending money on an e-reader, I might as well go the extra yard and get something that does a little something extra (though not too much extra—I haven’t changed that much).

The Verdict: Here’s the breakdown (based on a scale of 1 to 5):

Ease of Use: 5
Battery Life: 5
Visual Appeal: 2
Durability:  5 (no problems all week)
Reading: 4

So, out of a possible 25 points, I’d give the Borders Kobo a…21! Although it was nice having an e-reader that is extremely easy to use, I felt like I was missing out on bonus features—overall, just not worth it for me.

GIVEAWAY: Out of the five categories I use to judge e-readers (ease of use, price, battery life, visual appeal, durability, and reading quality), which is the most important to you? Share your opinion and be entered to win a FREE ebook download or print copy of In for a Penny. The winner will be announced at the end of the week.

Signed one of those interns,
Nicole Banholzer