Free Fiction—SIREN’s Ligeia lives on


Fans of John Everson’s novel Siren should visit the new website devoted to the lore of the deadly sea creature. Not only has Everson partnered with Nox Arcana to provide the goosebump-inducing background music for the new site at, but he also has just released a brand new, free story about Ligeia, the siren of Siren.

Originally written for an Italian webzine with a “Pirate Ship & Sirens” theme, after the story was translated and released in Italian, Everson released it on the site as a Bonus Story titled “Ligeia’s Revenge on the Queen Anne’s Resurrection.”

In addition to free, previously unpublished (in English anyway) Siren fiction, the new website also includes “The Map” showing the town of Delilah, where the novel takes place, as well as a “Preview” teaser chapter from the novel. There are also reviews, a couple of blogs about the “Making Of” Siren (including one originally published on and a section on the “Legend of the Siren” which details some of the classic mythology of Sirens.

The site also features the “Songs of the Siren”—some music videos featuring songs that Everson listened to while writing the novel.

Check it all out at

Dorchester Announces Partnership with NetGalley



New York, NY/ February 21, 2011–Dorchester Publishing announced today that they will use NetGalley to deliver digital galleys and other promotional materials to reviewers, bloggers, educators, media, booksellers, and other professional readers.

Dorchester plans to utilize NetGalley’s services to establish an environmentally friendly and cost effective approach to galley distribution. NetGalley will enable Dorchester to share protected, searchable digital galleys with a significantly wider audience. Building off of their long established network of reviewers and bloggers, Dorchester will also be offering their digital galleys to NetGalley’s 19,500 plus members.

NetGalley’s services are device agnostic: they can be uploaded on a wide range of devices, including the Barnes and  Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle, Borders Kobo, Sony Reader, and the reader’s own desktop. NetGalley registration is simple and free. In an effort to protect the value of their author’s works, Dorchester’s titles will only be available as a DRMd file.

Dorchester’s signature mix of quality Romance, Thriller, Western, and Horror titles will be available for review on Dorchester’s public catalog. Although their catalog will continue to grow in the coming months, the initial launch catalog includes:

A Congregation of Jackals, S. Craig Zahler (November 2010)

The Devil’s Temptress, Laura Navarre (February 2011)

The Lake, Richard Laymon (March 2011)

Wired, Liz Maverick (March 2011)

Showers of Gold, Zane Grey (March 2011)

The Range Queen, Jane Candia Coleman (March 2011)

Spirit, Graham Masterton (April 2011)

The Grail King, Joy Nash (April 2011)

Dark Legacy, Anna DeStefano (August 2009)

Secret Legacy, Anna DeStefano (May 2011)

The Bonaparte Secret, Gregg Loomis (May 2011)

About Dorchester Publishing

Founded in 1971, Dorchester became the oldest independent mass-market publisher in the U.S., and the only mass-market house with dedicated lines for Westerns and horror. Dorchester has always been a company that’s willing to take risks. Recently they’ve made the exciting transition from mass-market to trade paperback and e-book formats. Dorchester is proud to be at the forefront of the change in the industry to a more digital base readership while we continue to publish our signature genre fiction.  For almost 40 years Dorchester’s dedicated staff has worked tirelessly to discover and promote new talent. The romance line has built such stars as Christine Feehan, Katie MacAlister, Connie Mason, Lynsay Sands, and numerous others. Dorchester books have won awards for every category in which they’re eligible and have been featured in The New York Times, Newsweek, USA Today, Redbook, Time, CNN, The Los Angeles Times and many more.

Firebrand Technologies ( provides steadfast leadership and seamless information flow throughout the publishing process. Firebrand’s Title Management Enterprise Software tracks titles from pre-acquisition through post-production, marketing and sales; our Eloquence Metadata Services are the fastest, most accurate and cost-effective way to implement ONIX. With Content Services, publishers manage, store, convert and distribute final book content for discovery and sales. NetGalley delivers digital galleys to professional readers; our Ecommerce Solutions help deliver direct-to-consumer sales and landing pages.

Contact: Hannah Wolfson,

John Skipp Kickstarts the Undead

John Skipp, Dorchester horror author extraordinaire, is raising money in style for his upcoming film, Rose. Skipp’s official press release (below) divulges all the juicy details of the live action film, his Kickstarter program, and—you guessed it—zombie walks.



“Big buck investors come and go, but the audience for cool zombie entertainment is incredibly loyal, and staggeringly huge.” So says bestselling horror legend John Skipp, who is taking an unusual grassroots approach to funding his much-anticipated 3D zombie puppet musical extravaganza, Rose.

Rose — think Pee Wee’s Playhouse meets Night of the Living Dead — is the story of Rose (newcomer Chase McKenna), a hot machete-juggling ex-mental patient with a cable access puppet show, who becomes an unlikely hero of the zombie apocalypse.  “Mixing hardcore horror and wacky Bizarro is what it makes it fun,” he says. “Its abnormality is its strength.”

So on Monday, Skipp launched a 45-day campaign on the popular website Kickstarter, with the goal of raising $250,000 for the live action feature. He is appealing, in particular, to the thousands of Zombie Walk groups around the world, by offering incentives that include using actual zombie walk footage in the film.

Kickstarter is a site devoted to audience-funded creative projects of all shapes and sizes.In the case of Rose, a $1 pledge gets your name listed (“Visibly listed,” Skipp stresses) in the “Special Thanks” portion of the credit roll. $1,000 gets you an Associate Producer credit. Other incentives range from books, personal thank-you calls or Skype conversations to signed copies of the screenplay, set visits, active zombie participation, and Skipp actually flying to your town, in order to do live commentary on a screening in your own home.

“I got invited to a Facebook group called ‘The Zombie Apocalypse,’” Skipp says, “in which over 400,000 people signed up to say, yes, if the zombie apocalypse happens, I will definitely be attending. Several hundred thousand more remain unsure as to whether they’ll show up. I don’t know if that means they think they’ll be already dead, or what.

“But it made me think, ‘Man, one skinny dollar from each of those folks, and we could make this movie twice!’ And I think Kickstarter’s an amazing model for funding wildly original projects that mainstream Hollywood wouldn’t touch. And those, of course, are the films we need most.”

The campaign ends on Feb. 24, while the team  — including producer Jane Hamilton (Parasomnia) and Almost Human FX  (Quarantine, The Crazies) – gets prepped for production. For more information, interviews, and inspiration, go to:

Dorchester Publishing Names New CEO With an Eye to the Future

NEW YORK, New York (November 16, 2010) – Dorchester Publishing Co., Inc., founded in 1971, and what was until this year the oldest independent mass-market publisher in the U.S., has changed leadership in its mission to revitalize Dorchester and blaze a path as an exciting independent digital and trade publisher of genre fiction.

Taking over the role of Dorchester’s CEO will be Mr. Robert Anthony, current CFO & COO of Backe Digital Brand Marketing, who brings with him more than 25 years of experience in financial and operations management. Prior to his time at Backe Marketing, Anthony was the president of The Blue Sky Financial Group, which provides business consulting services on operational strategies and business development. As a CPA he has worked in public accounting, gaining exposure to a wide variety of business models, and he was the controller for one of the largest investment management organizations in the United States, Federated Investors, where he held an integral role in the planning, restructuring, development and growth of that company.

“My first goal with Dorchester is to reorganize and improve the accounting and internal financial reporting structure. This will include a complete review of the royalty system and other vitally important internal procedures, all of which are intended to focus on shoring up revenue sources and paying off creditors. We will create an atmosphere of transparency and efficiency that was heretofore lacking,” announced Anthony after taking charge on Friday. He is importing new staff to handle the tasks, though Dorchester’s remaining core will go unchanged.

Dorchester is known for having built such stars as Christine Feehan, Katie MacAlister, Connie Mason, Lynsay Sands, and numerous others, and its authors have been bestsellers of The New York Times, USA Today, Barnes & Noble, and many more. Earlier this year, Dorchester changed its focus from mass-market paperbacks to e-books and trade paperbacks. While the trade line was planned for some time, the mid-August shift to e-books was predicated by financial difficulties stemming from the contracting mass-market industry and came with a significant reduction in Dorchester’s staff, which caused some missteps in the implementation of the new company strategy. Mixed messages to media outlets and unpredicted procedural changes also contributed, undermining author confidence and leading to rumors of imminent bankruptcy.

“We are going to reinvigorate this company,” declared Anthony.  “I’ve quickly learned that the employees at Dorchester are a talented and professional group. We’re going to do whatever it takes.”

Some steps have already been taken: After a deal with Offset Paperback Manufacturers, previously unavailable mass-market copies of Dorchester’s author backlist are once again available to some vendors and through the company Web site——and after a short hiatus in new-book production, the company intends to release its Winter e-book list on November 23, 2010, just in time for the holiday season. An arrangement has been reached so that Ingram will be distributing Audio Realms audio versions of popular Dorchester books as well as the trade releases, and the company’s Web site will be revamped and launched right before the end of the year. Writers groups such as SFWA, RWA and MWA are being contacted to help spread news of the changes.

Contrary to mistaken previous reports, Dorchester intends to produce all titles in both e-book and trade paperback form, using both Ingram’s regular trade printing ability or advanced inventory technology as orders dictate. The trade paperbacks will begin appearing in January 2011 and be distributed through Ingram Publishing Services, who will sell Dorchester’s product into standard retail outlets such as Barnes & Noble, Borders, Waldenbooks, BooksAMillion, Powell’s, Wal-Mart, Target and K-Mart, among others. A recent changeover from LibreDigital to Core Source, Ingram’s digital warehousing and e-book sales arm, will also facilitate forward growth and the expedited availability of popular authors’ backlists in e-book form.