A Cowboy for Christmas Country Song

Bobbi Smith has been writing romance novels since 1982. In that time, she’s written over forty books that have captured the hearts of romance readers everywhere. She’s a big deal. Such a big deal, in fact, that she’s even inspired a country song!

Award-winning country singer Royal Wade Kimes wrote this song for Bobbi Smith’s A Cowboy for Christmas, titled ‘Penny, I love you.’ So go on; tap your toes, hum the tune, and maybe even get a little crazy with a two-step. If you can’t feel the music, you ain’t country!

If you like the sound of the song and the look of the book, A Cowboy for Christmas is 50% off in paperback through the end of the year.

Happy Holidays!


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It’s the last Monday before Christmas. Are your synapses slowing down and your feet swelling up from all that holiday shopping? If so, roll like Santa and plop yourself into a big, comfy chair while indulging in this week’s ReCOVERy Room. I guarantee it will be more satisfying than a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies! Better yet, print it out and fill-in-the-blanks with the whole family to alleviate any lingering holiday tension. You can thank me later.

Holiday bonus: post your favorite part of your A Cowboy for Christmas ReCOVERy Room in the comment thread and be entered to win $30 worth of romance novels! (ex. “It’s not just the weather leaving JUANITA feeling a bit RAUNCHY upon her return to HOGWARTS”)

Happy Holidays!

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