Pardon the Interruption—A LITTLE LIGHT MAGIC

“A moving story that will bring tears to your eyes and make you laugh out loud. Joy Nash is an absolutely brilliant genius. I laughed out loud, cried crocodile tears and had butterflies in my stomach while reading this beautiful story. I recommend it to everyone.”
—Fresh Fiction

“Are things happening by coincidence, or is it magic? That’s the question Nash asks in this light, fun and interesting story.” —RT Book Reviews

“If you are looking for a little light reading, maybe something that will be forgotten within a few days, A LITTLE LIGHT MAGIC is not the book for you. Ms. Nash writes this intense family drama with some very quirky characters and funny scenes that gets to the heart of the matter in this beautifully written story.” —Coffee Time Romance

“Ms. Nash’s characters are smart, funny and know what they want. Well, sort of, but that’s half the fun. She writes a winding plot that engages the reader from page one to well beyond the end of the story… If you love a romantic romance, filled with hunky heroes, funky family members, and a remarkable heroine, then A Little Light Magic is the novel for you.” —Long and Short Reviews

“One perfect read.” —The Good, The Bad, The Unread

“Joy Nash is one of those treasures… As a hard lover of completely character driven romances, I am definitely on board for Nash’s future contemporary releases.” —All About Romance

A Little Light Magic is available in e-book. And don’t miss Joy’s latest, The Unforgiventhe first in her new paranormal series The Watchers.

Pardon the Interruption—THE LONG LAST CALL

“…a purchase is in order, horror fans.” —Bookgasm

“John Skipp is a badass…nothing’s come anywhere near the badassness that is The Long Last Call, one of the most kinetic, fist-to-the jaw reads I’ve experienced in a long, long while.” —Dread Central

“You’d expect someone back from a genre hiatus to enter quietly, test the water, what have you. But with this one-two punch of a book John kicks in the door and saunters in like he owns the place. And after reading it I must say I’d be hard pressed to argue. In conclusion, just buy it. There is no excuse, as a discerning horror fan, to not treat yourself to this one.” —Skullring

“The story works very well and is a quick and entertaining read. Fans of Skipp’s earlier work, Edward Lee, or Richard Laymon will enjoy The Long Last Call…Skipp is a solid and talented writer.”
—Monster Librarian

Watch the book trailer after the jump. Warning: adult content.

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Pardon the Interruption—Bodice Rippin’

One of the many nicknames for a romance novel is bodice ripper. But have you ever wondered just how tricky it would be to rip a bodice? Thanks to romance novelist Deanne Gist, we now know. Turn your attention to this fantastic WSJ vid (mormally, we’d embed the video right on the blog, but for some reason, wordpress was not playing nice with this video. But it’s too good not to share, and luckily, Richard Curtis over at [e-reads] has figured it out!). Doesn’t it just make you appreciate how well-crafted those steamy historical romance scenes are?

Pardon the Interruption—SHADOWMAN by Erin Kellison

The long-awaited, highly-anticipated third installment in Erin Kellison’s steamy, fantastical paranomal Shadow series is about to hit shelves in September. As if we weren’t already psyched, this trailer definitely has us counting down the days!


For those of you new to the series, check out the book that started it all, Shadow Bound, and it’s electric, action-packed sequel, Shadow Fall, available in gorgeous trade size or e-book though the Dorchester Web site.

Pardon the Interruption—Bookmans Does Book Dominoes

For your viewing pleasure…


Doesn’t it just make you smile?

Pardon the Interruption—A STROKE OF MAGIC book trailer

A Stroke of Magic by Tracy Madison available in e-book and massmarket paperback.

Pardon the Interruption—THE 13TH book trailer

The 13th by John Everson available in e-book and massmarket paperback.

Pardon the Interruption—actually, we take that back


Haven’t we all felt this way at some point?

Pardon the Interruption—RISK FACTOR book trailer

“Can a Child be Born Evil? Is a child, or teen, who commits horrible acts born that way, or does something happen that turns them a sociopath? This was the central question I wanted to look at in writing the psychological thriller—Risk Factor. For me, this was a very personal book, and directly related to my work as a psychiatrist.” Read more about Charles Atkins’s inspiration in this special feature.

Risk Factor by Charles Atkins available in e-book and massmarket paperback.

Pardon the Interruption—SILVER SILENCE book trailer

The 2nd book in Nash’s Druids of Avalon series, Silver Silence takes you back into the mystical world of the once and future king. Silver Silence is available in e-book and mass market paperback.


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