What’s more romantic than a 4-book Sony bundle?

Nothing, that’s what. Except perhaps a half-naked Adonis serving you Champagne and Bavarian-imported chocolate on a remote desert island in the Pacific…at sunset…and an imminent proposal on the horizon (your dream engagement ring, of course). Well, a 4-book bundle makes a solid second.

Available exclusively on Sony for $9.96, you save over 60%!

Bitten Bundles

There was Dracula, Anne Rice, Interview with a Vampire, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and oh so many others. Are you one of the multitudinous mortals left wanting even more? Well then our Blood Lust bundle is just for you. Including My Wicked Vampire (Nina Bangs), Sunrise in a Garden of Love & Evil (Barbara Monajem), Sacrament (Susan Squires), and Embrace the Night (Amanda Ashley), there’s more than enough in this bundle to satiate your vampiric desires.

Bundled exclusively on Sony. At $9.96, you save over 60%! So go ahead and treat yourself to something dark and sweet this Valentine’s Day.

  Sale ends February 21st.


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