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Pardon the Interruption—Pulitzer Prize-Nominated Caitlin Rother Talks True Crime

With the e-book release of Pulitzer Prize-nominated Caitlin Rother’s first foray into fiction, Naked Addiction, we pause to share a snippet of her expertise. As a long-time journalist and crime writer, Rother details the horror behind the true story Dead Reckoning.

For more clips, be sure to visit her website!

Romance Covers Court Readers

Everyone who reads romance has their own very specific tastes when it comes to covers. A love/hate issue for many readers is that rarely do the cover models look like the characters described in the book let alone any real-life people, and often the covers are so provacative that some readers are embarrassed to be seen with them in public. And yet, these “bodice-ripping” trends persist and romance continues to sell, sell, sell!  I suspect the same covers readers don’t want to be seen reading are also the covers that got them to buy the books in the first place. For all the jokes and snark romance covers elicit, they must be doing something right. Check out these Dorchester highlights from the past twenty years. Did any catch your eye, then or now?

1)      I *Heart* the ’80s—The cover trends of the ’80s lived well on into the ’90s in the world of HEAs. Flashy, neon colors grab the eye—a promise of the fantasy that awaits on the pages within.

  2)      The Foldout—The explicit nature of these covers’ content—rippling muscles and ample breasts—can always be found, if not on the cover, then, on the foldout.

3)      The Chick Lit Influence—With the rise of chick lit in the late ’90s came the fun cartoons, which abandoned the couple-centric covers of the past and endorsed a feminist take on women who controlled their romantic futures.


4)      Reissues—Sometimes popular titles of yore need a little help finding their way into the hands of the next generation of readers. Reissues reintroduce classic romances to a new audience with snazzy new packaging.

Which types of covers give you pause when browsing the shelves?  Do you have a favorite cover that transcends time and trend?

Pardon the Interruption—The Joy of Books

You thought bookstores were magical during working hours? The folks who brought you Organizing the Bookshelf show you just how magical bookstores can be after hours.

Pardon the Interruption—Got Blood?

Check out these stars-in-the-making in today’s Pardon the Interruption. The students of Brooklyn’s PS 19 wrote and recorded this rap video in support of NY Blood Center’s Little Doctors Program. Take the lead from these little rappers and donate during National Blood Donor Month. Even those of you with needle phobias will be warming to the idea once this catchy chorus gets in your head.

To find information on how to donate, visit the American Red Cross website.

Last Chance for One Day Dollar Deals + Year End Sale!

Don’t miss out on the season’s last set of ONE DAY DOLLAR DEALS. Today only, Dorchester is offering select e-book titles for just one dollar. That’s right—one dollar!     

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End of the Year Sale: ALL Paperbacks 50% Off!

Today also marks the launch of Dorchester’s end of the year blowout sale. All paperbacks are 50% off! Give your bookshelf a makeover and add some of our beautiful trade paperbacks to the line-up. Whether you’re a fan of romance, horror, Westerns, or thrillers, you’ll find great titles at amazing prices. Hurry, this deal won’t last forever. Shop the Dorchester Publishing Web site today!


One Day Dollar Deals for Horror Lovers!

We’re back with another round of One Day Dollar Deals. With the holidays fast approaching, digital stocking stuffers are here to save the day! Take advantage of these great deals from the comfort of your home (and laptop!). Today only, Dorchester is offering select titles for just one dollar. That’s right—one dollar!     

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—Amelia Beamer, Author of The Loving Dead
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