Travel into the future this New Year

While I hope no one celebrates this New Year’s Eve to the point that they do a little time traveling of their own, I do want to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year. Blackouts aside, time travel is a mystery that we as a society dream about unraveling. So, it’s not surprising that the creative and talented authors of the romance genre have toyed with the concept, weaving adventure and intrigue, love and romance into stories built around this science fiction concept. Afer all, what’s more intriguing than a man from another time, or even another world?

While every author approaches the theory of time travel differently, from time machines to magical spells, they all seem to know how to have fun with the idea and, as always, root the story in the emotional journey of its heroes. Let yourself get carried away in these awe-inspiring, emotionally fierce love stories that transcend time. Literally.

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Click here to view Dorchester’s selection of time travel romances.

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