ReCOVERy Room: THE GOLDEN CAT by Max Brand

Click for original cover copy.

The shoot-’em-up, action-packed, gunslinger Westerns full of danger and intrigue, unforgettable heroes and villains, and a true taste of the Old West are what have made Max Brand a household name synonymous with the American frontier. Brand was a master storyteller and entertainer. Who better, then, to get you through another Monday? Dive into today’s ReCOVERy Room featuring The Golden Cat by Max Brand. Just print the PDF below, pull out the old thesaurus, and see what twists and turns you and your friends can bring to an old classic.

For a fun twist, I recommend picking a theme from which to base your word choices on—something completely unrelated to Westerns, like the circus or pro sports. Trust me, the zanier you get, the funnier it will be!

Allison Carroll
Dorchester Publishing 

* * *

The Golden Cat ReCOVERy Room PDF


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