#Booksarebetter: Great Gifts for Dad

Confession: I’m one of those people that believes books make the best gifts. If you don’t agree, then you’d better hope you don’t ever get me as your secret Santa. If you do agree, read on for a few great gift ideas for that genre lover in your family!

For the thrill seeker:

Pair our paperback original with Lionsgate’s Blu-ray for some serious thrills. Released in July 2011, House of the Rising Sun by Chuck Hustmyre is a critically-acclaimed New Orleans-set crime thriller that plays a dirty cop against the mafia, and there’s no saying who will come out alive.




For the chill seeker:

Consider this a cautionary tale about the repercussions of succumbing to a siren’s call, mythical or not. This title and all horror paperbacks are 30% off this week!



For the gunslinger:

When you think of the West, you think of Zane Grey.” —The American Cowboy. It doesn’t get much more classic than this, folks. Wrap it in a bow, secretly throw it on his e-reader. Either way, Dad’ll be saying “Don’t bother me. I’m reading” before you know it.




For the Indiana Jones fan:

Indiana Jones is dead. Long live Gabriel Hunt”—Lev Grossman, author of The Magicians. From the towers of Manhattan to the jungles of South America, from the sands of the Sahara to the frozen crags of Antarctica, one man finds adventure everywhere he goes: Gabriel Hunt.




Can’t get enough of genre fiction? Stop by the Dorchester Web site for more classic gift ideas in thriller, horror, and Westerns!

Happy gifting!


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