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Today’s edition of ReCOVERy Room takes a page from horror heavyweight John Everson’s playbook. Everson’s Siren is a melodious exploration of the classic seaman’s myth with dark, twisty curves in all the right places.

Throw out your own perilous descriptors with your co-workers in the breakroom today and see where the story takes you. Just click the link below to print the PDF.

Allison Carroll
Dorchester Publishing

Let us know what you think of the new ReCOVERy Room series and be entered to win a $50 holiday prize package!

* * *

Siren ReCOVERy Room PDF


4 Responses to ReCOVERy Room: SIREN

  1. Craig Clarke says:

    That’s great. MadLibs for grown-ups!

  2. Mel K. says:

    I read SIREN and it was scary as heck. I don’t work so I can’t comment about co-workers. The ReCOVERy Room series is awesome and I am a horror lover. I’d love to win the holiday prize package. Is this the way to enter the contest? Thanks.

    Meljprincess AT aol DOT com

    • Allison Carroll, Editorial and Web Coordinator says:

      Hi Mel K.
      I’m glad to hear you enjoyed Siren. Everson’s a great storyteller. If you haven’t read his other work, I highly recommend it.

      Well, this one was neck and neck (sorry Craig), but Mel, you’ve won the holiday prize package! Email me your shipping address at and I’ll get your prize in the mail.

      Happy Holidays,
      Allison Carroll
      Dorchester Publishing

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