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Mondays just got a whole lot better! I’m tickled to introduce ReCOVERy Room, a new series on the Dorchester Community Blog. Now, it can be said that a book’s blurb, or cover copy*, especially among the genre fictions, is already quite comical in its own right. But this takes it a step further and puts you in the driver’s seat.

Easy to play, alone or with a group, ReCOVERy Room is inspired by the beloved childhood word game we all seemed to have played on long car trips growing up—Mad Libs®. But instead of filling in the blanks for newscasts and history reports, you exploit your vocab to turn already steamy cover copy into hilarious, and perhaps even steamier, cover copy—the perfect word game to bring a chuckle and a chortle to any genre lover’s lunch hour. And who knows—you might just find your next read!

Every Monday we’ll post a new edition ReCOVERy Room for your enjoyment (we realize today is indeed Tuesday, however yesterday belonged to The Ruby Kiss as well with this Sexy Snippet). So grab your co-workers, friends, enemies and what have you, then print and fill in those blanks (the more wicked the better)!


*For those of you not familiar with the industry term ‘cover copy,’ it simply refers to the descriptive blurb on the back cover of a book.

Right click the image to print or click the link below for a printable PDF.

Like this cover copy? The Ruby Kiss is now available in e-book!

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