Casting call + giveaway!

Put on your director’s hat and send that assistant off for coffee, my dear blogging lurkers! It’s time to break out those resumes and get the camera rolling—we’re kicking off this Monday morning by casting your favorite books! As an avid film aficionado, I confess I’ve always indulged in literature with something of an eye for show business. If I were to direct the book adaptation, who would I cast in the leading roles? (This is all a bit of fun, of course—purely for entertainment purposes and my own wishful thinking.)

Ever since I first embarked upon the romance genre by traversing the pages of the Sylph series, I can’t seem to shake the stunning world out of my mind. Now, my soft spot for The Shattered Sylph and the rugged ruffians Leon and Ril begs that I cast them first—which is the most difficult! L.J. McDonald’s characters are so thoroughly layered that fitting any one actor into the role feels a bit constraining. I’ve finally settled on the film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991). Go on, laugh! I’m certainly finding this amusing. Kevin Costner as the battle-worn warrior and Christian Slater playing the sarcastic, youthful right hand simply fit the bill, in my opinion. They have to work well together in order to fend off the opposition after all! Their at first strained relationship matures into one of trust and respect, mirroring the struggles of Leon and Ril.

Let me tell you, casting A Lily Among Thorns was equally challenging! Rose Lerner’s unlikely characters are worthy of catapulting an acting career into stardom. A hero with an eye for excellent tailoring and a staunchly independent business owner for a heroine? It was quite by accident that my final decision manifested itself in the form of Becoming Jane (2007), the film starring James McAvoy and Anne Hathaway, where the roles simply fell neatly into place. The scene where hasty confessions are made in light of the danger that is ever looming reminds me of Solomon and Serena’s late night rendezvous, coupled with a spy plot that will leave you reeling. Their quirky chemistry is undeniable, and who better to set the regency period ablaze?

Don’t think I’m letting you off easy! How would you cast your favorite book if you were in the director’s chair? I promise I won’t laugh. 🙂 Reply to be entered to win a prize package of $20 worth of books in the genre of your choice!

Signing off—

Jillian, The Zombie Intern


6 Responses to Casting call + giveaway!

  1. Teri C says:

    Oh my gosh I love my reads but when they turn into movies, sometimes I like the people in my mind more than on screen. Now there are some actors voices that I cannot like without like Christian Bale in Howl’s Moving Castle, talk away Christian, I am listening. I loved Simon Woods in Pride and Prejudice and Becoming Jane, that cast was breathtaking.
    So ok, I do love my movies, but sometimes the casting is hard.

    • The Intern Experience says:

      Teri! I just had to comment on what impeccable taste you have. Christian Bale’s voice as Howl is memorizing—and Simon Woods! The man is utterly adorable. I have a lot of respect for the people that do this for a living.

      —Jillian, The Zombie Intern 🙂

  2. Patsy Hagen says:

    I am totally stupid when it comes to casting an actor as the lead of one of my favorite books. In my mind I have the characters, but when some actor is cast in that part, they just don’t measure up, but I can’t think of another actor who would do. I guess a man as handsome as the one in my mind has not been made or his voice is not right.

  3. Gerard Butler is often cast as the hero in the books I read and write. Not all the time, but a fair amount.

    • Allison Carroll, Editorial and Web Coordinator says:

      Hi Tricia,
      Congratulations—you’ve won the prize package! Sorry abou the late announcement. Things have been hectic around here with the holidays. To claim your prize, email your shipping address to along with your preferred genre and I’ll get your prize in the mail!

      Happy Reading,
      Allison Carroll
      Dorchester Publishing

  4. Dottie says:

    I’d love to see Anita Blake’s Vampire Hunter come to life on the big screen. Jean Claude with his mass of black curls could be played by Orlando Bloom, lol, having visions of pirates, but Jean Claude would have made an excellent pirate. I’m thinking Kate Beckinsale for Anita Blake, she can play a kick-ass heroine when it’s called for. Anita has such a bevy of men surrounding her, there’s room for lots more… shifters, all kind of vampires, necromancers, and even a couple of humans. I would love to see it happen!

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