Doppelgängers, duplicity, and dowries, oh my!

Whether it’s tales of long lost siblings finally reuniting, blood relative rivals plotting against each other, or kin that declare they are anything but akin, readers can’t get enough of scheming twins! And so we commemorate today’s date (11/11/11) by delving into fascinating duos of popular literature. Explore the often heartwarming, sometimes tragic, and always complex relationships shared by the twins of these galvanizing novels.

As mentioned in my post regarding literary bromances, Rose Lerner’s A Lily Among Thorns explores the gaping void that arises when one twin passes. Elijah’s death weighs heavily on Solomon, who’s always relied on the special bond he shared with his twin brother. Will Solomon be able to persevere without the much needed support of his brother by his side? Or rather, will he find his own inner strength, and subsequently, be met with a pleasant surprise?

In Anna DeStefano’s Dark Legacy and Secret Legacy , the starring roles feature a pair of twins who must work together in order to preserve their family’s psychic legacy. The very fabric of their relationship is tested with the threat of betrayal all around, begging the question—can they trust in each other? With chaos surrounding them, the Temple twins must find solace and strength in each other to win the day, and their lives. (This makes for a lovely parallel with Lerner’s parted Hathaway brothers!)

Two sets of twins for the price of one! Deborah MacGillivray satisfies any double fixation in her series, The Sisters of Colford Hall, where the heroes and their heroines both happen to be twins! With devastating charm and an oath to avenge the death of their father, the Mershan brothers have every intention of wooing the Montgomerie sisters, the granddaughters of their enemy. Why not flirt with the idea of an entertaining revenge plot? That was entirely rhetorical and you know it.

Don’t forget to make a wish at 11 PM tonight! 🙂

Signing off—

Jillian, The Zombie Intern


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