Fresh from the produce section!

Although the name might suggest, there’s nothing rotten in Denmark today, fellow film enthusiasts and blog lurkers! Rotten Tomatoes is a website for critics to take aim at some of the best (and worst) film releases. Now, don’t go hurrying to your local corner store for half a dozen of these succulent, serviceable fruits. I bear far more exciting news!

Do you recall when we posted the trailer for the film adaptation of Jack Ketchum and Lucky McKee’s The Woman last week? Well, the results are here! Weighing in at an impressive 81% positive rating, critics heralded The Woman‘s film debut as nothing short of “disturbing, lurid, and perverse”—in the best way possible! V.A. Musetto of the New York Post goes on to say “horror buffs, especially fans of Ketchum, will be overcome with joy and excitement.”

The Woman is described as “excitingly unique, deeply disturbing, and beautifully macabre” according to Dustin Putman. “[Approaching] an almost Lynchian type of unsettling nightmare.” Dorchester couldn’t be happier with the surge of appreciation from film aficionados. In the words of Bill Gibron, this “surreality to celebrate” may yet become the next cult classic.

Why not make it a double feature this Halloween? Pop the popcorn and save those rotten tomatoes for another evening by curling up with a copy of The Woman. You won’t be disappointed!

Signing off,

Jillian—The Zombie Intern

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