Free Fiction—SIREN’s Ligeia lives on


Fans of John Everson’s novel Siren should visit the new website devoted to the lore of the deadly sea creature. Not only has Everson partnered with Nox Arcana to provide the goosebump-inducing background music for the new site at, but he also has just released a brand new, free story about Ligeia, the siren of Siren.

Originally written for an Italian webzine with a “Pirate Ship & Sirens” theme, after the story was translated and released in Italian, Everson released it on the site as a Bonus Story titled “Ligeia’s Revenge on the Queen Anne’s Resurrection.”

In addition to free, previously unpublished (in English anyway) Siren fiction, the new website also includes “The Map” showing the town of Delilah, where the novel takes place, as well as a “Preview” teaser chapter from the novel. There are also reviews, a couple of blogs about the “Making Of” Siren (including one originally published on and a section on the “Legend of the Siren” which details some of the classic mythology of Sirens.

The site also features the “Songs of the Siren”—some music videos featuring songs that Everson listened to while writing the novel.

Check it all out at

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