Meet the Team: Brian, Royalty Manager and IT Consultant

Happy Friday everyone! We close our week-long Meet the Team series with a superstar from a department that no company can run without—accounting. I’m trying really hard to refrain from making any of the obvious accountant jokes as Brian also controls the world of IT at Dorchester. As someone who’s not particularly tech-savvy, I know better.

A week really isn’t long enough to give everyone their moment in the spotlight, so plan on future meet-and-greets with the rest of the Dorchester team in the months ahead on the Dorchester Community Blog. And now ladies and gents, meet Brian!

Brian Chinn

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Dorchester nickname: Big Boss B

Nothing gets past Big Boss B!

  • What do you do at Dorchester?

Here at Dorchester, my primary focus is compiling, verifying and sending out author royalties. Since I’ve come aboard, I’ve been working to streamline the process. I’ve also brought our new royalties software online, so hopefully our authors and agents will have more streamlined statements. My other job here at Dorchester is IT Consultant. I handle any day to day issues that arise with the computer network, and serve as the point of contact for our outside IT company.

  • Why Dorchester?

It might sound crazy, but I didn’t choose Dorchester, Dorchester chose me! It’s just a testament to how much hard work and dedication pays off.

  • Why did you pursue publishing?

I hadn’t really decided which field I wanted to work in when I was thrust into publishing. I started out as a Temp in November 2010 and was hired permanently shortly after that.

  • How would you handle the zombie apocalypse?

I’d probably have a major-league freak out, then slip into survival mode. Don’t ask what my version of survival mode is!


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