Meet the Team: Samantha and Renee

Samantha Hazell

Sam and her dog Boo!

Hometown: Chesapeake, VA (Woop Woop for the 757!)

Dorchester nickname: Reversion Excursion; Lucy; Cheerio

  • What do you do at Dorchester?

Contracts & Rights Assistant; Production Assistant.

  • Why Dorchester?

I interned at Dorchester during the Spring 2011 semester.  I knew a few Pace students  who had interned at Dorchester and had only good things to say about the company.  I researched the company some more, and liked what they stood for and the familial environment.  It also helped that my interview was with Allison!

  • Why did you pursue publishing?

I taught high school English Lit & Language for 3 years.  During that time, I was teaching, coaching, sponsoring a class, club, and heading up different panels/organizations.  I was involved in a lot at the school and in the community; towards the middle of my 3rd year, I was named Teacher of the Year.  It was at that point that I realized I’d pretty much accomplished all I wanted to while teaching at the level I was at.  Thanks to Highlights magazine, I’ve always dreamed of having my own magazine or being a publisher.  So, on a whim, I applied to grad school at Pace University (my mom’s alma mater), packed my bags, and was on my way up I-95.

  • Any favorite office moments?

I loved attending BEA (Book Expo of America) this year.  I had a blast with the author signings, and I got to meet Anna DeStefano!  I also enjoy our daily MadLibs® session at lunch—you get a bunch of English majors together in a room, and you can get some pretty funny MadLibs®. 

  • If you had to live in the cover of one of Dorchester’s books for a day, which one would you pick?

Since I’m still relatively new, I haven’t seen as many covers as I’d like to in order to make this difficult decision.  I would definitely avoid the horror covers, and the Westerns’ landscapes seem a little dusty, because I have bad allergies, ha!  So, I guess that leaves me with the romance covers.  I’d avoid the paranormal romance covers, as (even though I’ve never met one) I don’t like ghosts, vampires, werewolves, etc.  I like clothes, and would never want to be up close and personal, all in somebody’s grill…so the clinch covers are out, ha.  I’d be happy in a contemporary romance cover like, Joy Nash’s A Little Light Magic or Charlotte Hubbard’s Law of Attraction.  I’m from the beach and would love to relax on the sand, gazing out at the ocean for the rest of my life.

  • How would you handle the zombie apocalypse?

If good looks, Southern charm, and a little tae-kwon-do don’t work, I’d fold.  If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right? 🙂

Renee Yewdaev

Renee (left) braves the photobooth with Hannah (Marketing Coordinator)

  • What do you do at Dorchester? Why did you pursue publishing?

That’s an easy one, I love books and reading and knew I wanted to work in bringing out new great books that I love and that I think other people will love. Like everyone else in this industry, at one point I wanted to be an editor, but I’ve since learned that I’m much more suited towards managing editorial, production, art & design, and e-books; all of which are areas that I’m in charge of at Dorchester and still allow me the creative outlets I need. I love the fact that no two days are ever the same for me. But don’t get me wrong, keeping track of everything can be a nightmare at times, which is when schedules (of which there are many) help.

I can appreciate chaos, but I can’t help the urge to create order out of it.

  • If you had to live in the cover of one of Dorchester’s books for a day, which one would you pick?

A Regency cover because I’d get to wear a fabulous gown and waltz the night away at a London ball in a beautifully decorated mansion. A close second would be a Medieval cover because I’d get to visit a working castle. It’s a good thing it would only be for a day, because the real life smells would probably kill me.

    • How would Dorchester handle the zombie apocalypse?

We’d need some battle sylphs to help us out. And maybe a healer sylph to heal those of us who get attacked. Hmm, I wonder, would a healer sylph be able to undo the effects of a zombie bite?


2 Responses to Meet the Team: Samantha and Renee

  1. Stacy Hutch says:

    There was a lot of talk earlier this year about Dorchester going out of business, and not paying authors. Is Dorchester in a better place financially now?

    • Allison Carroll, Editorial and Web Coordinator says:

      Hi Stacy,
      The past year has been a whirlwind of change for Dorchester. We successfully transitioned our mass market program into trade paperback and released much of our in-demand backlist into e-book! These changes to our program were absolutely due to the changing needs of the consumer and the market place. It’s been a challenging course to travel, but at the same time, very rewarding.

      We appreciate our authors and readers who have supported us throughout this transition. Their patience and understanding have been paramount and Dorchester is charging ahead, publishing the same great genre fiction we all love!

      Thanks for the question and for tuning in to the blog.
      Happy Reading,
      Allison Carroll
      Dorchester Publishing

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