Meet the Team: Allison, Editorial and Web Coordinator

As we continue our autumn interlude, our next feature is with a sombrero! Oh, I mean Allison, our ever-upbeat Editorial and Web Coordinator who wields the mighty pen! How’s that for a little spice in your macchiato with an extra shot of espresso? I thought so.

Allison Carroll

Hails from: The last best place (with the first best slogan).

Allison clearly likes hats!

  • What do you do at Dorchester?

The old Dorchester website!

As the Editorial and Web Coordinator, I operate in a bit of a hybrid position fulfilling traditional Editorial Assistant duties (love me some slush!) as well as managing the Dorchester Web site (no more blue and yellow—you’re welcome:)  while supervising the internship program and assisting Marketing on various projects. What can I say? I like hats:)

Seriously, I do love my job. Through all its facets, I interact with authors, admittedly getting a little fan-girly at times. If you think it would be awesome reading the next book in your favorite series nine months before the rest of the world, you’d be right. It is awesome. And then I get a chance to be creative with the authors and the team at Dorchester to launch the book and spread the word.

I love communicating with our readership, which the web/marketing side of things affords. Such a blast! Through the newsletters, the Web site, and the blog I have so many wonderful conversations with readers just discovering one of our authors or life-long genre readers who can’t wait for the next book from their favorite authors. My own TBR pile is constantly growing because of this amazing community of readers and fans that supports genre fictions, our authors, and each other.

Then there are the perks. I like to refer to them as my minions 😉 And I can make that joke because our interns are fabulous people who have their own unique senses of humor and are never ever told to go get coffee. As a former Dorchester intern myself, I work to make the internship program the best learning experience it can be. But, to be honest, I learn as much from them as they do from me and the team at Dorchester, and they’ve saved my backside on countless occasions. Juggling the Web site, newsletters, the blog, submissions, copy, contracts, analytics, authors, agents, reviewers, vendors and distributors is a joy (mostly) rather than a pain because of my support team.

  • How/why did you decide to pursue publishing?

I was told it was a good way to meet men.  Oh, wait, women significantly outnumber men in publishing? Especially in romance publishing? That guidance counselor really steered me wrong. Maybe that’s why I’m in genre publishing. I love my good ‘ol boys, the Western authors. As a friend of mine once wrote, “I’ll never outgrow my attraction to old men. They lived what I missed.”  I’m sorry, what was the question again? Oh, duh! Because I love books! I love reading books. I love talking about books. I love pushing books on people. There’s an old saying that most jobs are 90% drudgery and 10% fun. I don’t love every part of my job and if I was doing similar work in another industry, I probably couldn’t even claim a 90/10 split. But I’m surrounded by people like me who love books and therefore even the most tedious and mundane or stressful and complicated task is doable with a smile because it’s tied up in creating a book and finding it a home on your shelf.

  • How would you handle the zombie apocalypse?

As someone registered with the Ministry of Silly Walks, I would hope that my training would allow me to blend with said zombies until an opportunity to escape to safety or a cure presents itself. Guess I’m an optimist. I do worry how long I could hold out, though, before succumbing to zombie-mob mentality and being zombie-peer pressured into more dangerous zombie activities. There’s only so long you can listen to someone say, “It tastes just like chicken.”


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