Meet the Team: Hannah, Marketing Coordinator

You know what the Dorchester office looks like, and perhaps you were savvy enough to catch glimpses of a few dutiful employees. But who, you ask with that quizzical look over your morning cappuccino, are these pre-diligent publishers? See for yourself! This week, the Dorchester staff divulges their secrets—what drew them to the publishing industry, favorite office shenanigans, and most importantly, how to handle a zombie apocalypse.

Hannah Wolfson

Hometown: Irvine, CA

Dorchester nickname: “Magic Hannah”

Hannah, pictured left with Allison (Editorial & Web Coordinator) and Renee (Production Manager).
  • What do you do at Dorchester?

Hannah's Office

My official title is “Marketing and Promotions Coordinator,” although my job duties certainly aren’t limited to these descriptors! Most importantly, I focus on getting our books exposure using a budget appropriate to a small publishing house. I work with all major vendors, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Sony to coordinate exclusive vendor promotions, I arrange placements in prominent newsletters, design ads and sell pieces, reserve spots in magazines and other media, etc. A new book’s success is often only as strong as the marketing effort behind it, so I put a lot of energy into doing everything I can for our titles.

In addition to ads and promotions, I’m in charge of generating all the reviews for our upcoming titles. I direct our NetGalley account, a website that provides digital galleys to reviewers, booksellers, librarians, bloggers, etc. We just launched our NetGalley account in January and it’s made the review process significantly more organized and effective already!

I also do a lot of work with our distributor, Ingram Publisher Services, and their sales reps. I input all of our title information into their account so they can accurately sell and distribute our trade books. I create tip sheets, sales kits and sell pieces for Ingram’s sales reps so they have everything they need to get shelf space for our books! Our sales team is extremely valuable to us so I put a lot of focus into the details of the materials distributed to them.

I also manage Dorchester’s Facebook and Twitter pages, write posts for Dorchester’s blog, work with metadata,  authors and agents, as well as many, many other things. Part of the beauty of working for a small company like Dorchester is that I’m able to delve a little into every department, which has given me a fascinating and challenging introduction to the book publishing world.

  • Why Dorchester?

My first foray into publishing was as an Editorial intern at Oxford University Press. After interning there, I knew academic publishing was not for me. I wanted my next experience to be at the other end of the spectrum; something more creative, more fun, perhaps something at a smaller company. That’s when I found Dorchester.

It was everything I was looking for; I was almost overloaded with creativity, bogged down in the fun of it all, dangerously captivated by the books, and because the company is such a small one, I came away with more knowledge and insight into publishing than I could have ever hoped for as an intern. But most importantly, I had discovered a sense of what actually enjoying one’s job could feel like.

When I was offered a position at Dorchester, I accepted for all the above reasons, but I mostly accepted because of the people who make up this company.  Dorchester is comprised of a handful of professionals who might be the most talented, hard working, patient, and word savvy group of people I have ever met. Their belief in their authors and product is almost palpable, and that sort of passion can be pretty contagious. I knew if I worked here I would learn everything I could ever want to know about publishing, and if I was lucky, my co-worker’s combined genius might even rub off on me a little. And if not, well hey, at least I get to read fabulous books along the way.

  • Why did you pursue publishing?

There were quite a few reasons I was compelled to work in publishing, but mainly, it started where most of us start: a deep love of reading. Somewhere between having my first picture book read to me and reading the entirety of Ulysses in one of my undergrad Lit classes, I knew that one day I would be behind creating such a timeless piece of art.

My conviction is that words have the power to shape and define us all. Books are the conveyors of history, ideology, identity, culture, imagination, and possibility. I’ve never had a doubt that I would influence my culture through my contributions to the book publishing world, however subtle my contributions may be. So, although it started with a love of reading, it’s resulted in a passion for a rapidly evolving industry that I’m incredibly excited and proud to be a part of.

  • Any memorable office moments?

After-hours Dungeons and Dragons. Enough said.

  • If you had to live in the cover of one of Dorchester’s books for a day, which one would you pick?

I LOVE the cover of A Midwinter Fantasy. The lush red curtains framing a frosted blue castle is just lovely. Winter is my favorite season, so the idea of a magical winter wonderland is very compelling to me. It would be fantastic if I could pull this book out on a hot summer’s day and escape into the cover!

  • How would you handle the zombie apocalypse?

Throw books at them, and then run.


2 Responses to Meet the Team: Hannah, Marketing Coordinator

  1. How lovely to see a photo of the three of you. 🙂


      You won’t find many of them–I think this is somehow the only picture we have together. Thanks for tuning-in, Barbara!

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