Last Stop in our September Sylph Series: Tooie

The last Thursday in September has fallen upon us, just like an anvil on a roadrunner.

I’m saddened that today is the day it is, because it marks the final day in our September Sylph Series, a weekly celebration of the burly, powerful, quirky battle sylphs in L.J. McDonald’s Sylph series. I’ve had more fun than I probably should have revisiting my favorite sylphs, but alas, they will always live on in the books I know and love.

Today I’m profiling Tooie, an adorable battler we meet in The Shattered Sylph. I think Tooie is just the cutest battle sylph EVER. Perhaps it’s because he can’t really talk, or maybe it’s the way he madly gesticulates to communicate, or maybe it’s just his dedication to his true love. Either way, although he’s a minor character, he’s still a personal favorite of mine.

Read on and enjoy!

Sylph (n): a mythological creature composed of the elements. The term, which originated in Paracelsus, commonly describes sylphs as invisible beings of air or “faeries of the air.” L.J. McDonald’s sylphs are either fire sylphs, air sylphs, water sylphs, earth sylphs, or battle sylphs. Battle sylphs are unique to L.J.’s original fantasy world; they are creatures of magic, unrelentingly male, who were traditionally bound to a male master in a sacrificial ritual. In L.J.’s debut, The Battle Sylph, everything changes when this dark ritual goes awry and a battle sylph is bound to a woman instead.

Name: Tooie (or #200 to his captors)

Species: Battle Sylph

Master: Tooie is a captive battle sylph, forced to fight against criminals for other’s entertainment.

First Appears In: Tooie is only in The Shattered Sylph (so far!). Lizzie (Leon’s daughter and heroine of The Shattered Sylph), is kidnapped and taken to a sort of sylph Colosseum, where she’s forced to serve as a plaything to captive sylphs in a harem (battle sylph are only happy when in the arms of a woman…). This is where she meets Tooie.

Personality: playful and caring.

Quirks: Tooie communicates in gestures (basically sign language).

Main Purpose in Life: Tooie is in love with Eapha, a slave girl in the sylph harem. The handlers of the battle sylphs don’t want them to love, but battle sylphs prefer monogamy. Tooie is completely committed to Eapha but is forced to pretend to be with other women in the harem so she doesn’t get hurt. All he wants is to find a way to be with her, and her alone.

Why I Love Him: Tooie, along with a few other battle sylphs, help protect Lizzie while she’s a captive. They take “shifts” pretending to sleep with her so she’s safe from the other, more aggressive, battle sylphs. Tooie knows Lizzie’s heart belongs to another (Ril), so he does everything he can to keep her safe until she’s back in his arms. There’s hilarious scenes where Tooie will be speaking to Lizzie in sign language while spastically jumping up and down on a mattress and banging on the walls to make the captors think he’s “with” Lizzie.

Tooie Quote: “He loved Eapha, Tooie did, had loved her since the first moment he had taken her in boredom to an alcove and accidentally tickled her, making her giggle. He’d been so enchanted, he’d tickled her again. She’d hit him with a pillow. He’d known he was lost from that instant, and yet they shared no bond; the patterns within him belonged to men, and his worship of Eapha was limited to her body alone. This newcomer [Ril] loved his lady [Lizzie] straight through her soul–and so Tooie, like all of the battlers outside, watched with hunger and rage but also guarded the couple, if only that they might continue to feel the pair’s pleasure and dream.”

So that marks the end of our September Sylph Series! To read more about Tooie, get your hands on a copy of The Shattered Sylph. Leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of our blog series, the Sylph books, or paranormals in general. We’ll be choosing a random commenter from the past 4 weeks to receive ALL THREE books in the series (in paperback!). The winner will be announced on Monday.

Thanks for tuning-in and sharing our enthusiasm for battle sylphs!


10 Responses to Last Stop in our September Sylph Series: Tooie


    Hey readers,

    Quick announcement: L.J. McDonald’s QUEEN OF THE SYLPHS blog tour is currently in full swing! She stopped at Parajunkee’s View on Wednesday to take part in their Supernatural Smackdown event (characters from paranormals fight against each other). Battle sylph Heyou was paired against a vampire,and currently, the vampire is winning. If you have the time, please follow the link and show your support for Heyou!!!


  2. I have had a great time reading all the posts and enjoying the blog tour.Good luck to all who enter!

  3. Sylphs! What a wonderful, new idea!

  4. ladyvampire says:

    I am late joining the tour unfortunately but glad I get to celebrate with you at the last. I have read “The Battle Sylph” Heyou’s story. Great book!! I especially loved the brand new Sylph’s you’ve introduced to the book world. Such a great new species. One day I would like to ask L.J. Mcdonald how they managed to come up with them. But for now..I enjoy the books. Thanks for letting me celebrate with you.
    LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

  5. Dawn B. says:

    I have loved reading about the Sylphs and never had read about them anywhere else until L J McDonald’s books. I need to get The Queen of the Sylphs next since I have the other two. My favorite so far has been Heyou.

  6. aurian says:

    I’ve read the first two Sylph books, and the anthology story. Totally loved them. Am looking forward to reading Queen of the Sylphs soon. My favourite, difficult, but I think Mace. He has been through a lot and totally deserved his happy ending.

  7. Sue Sattler says:

    Loved the books! An exciting new aspect in paranormals!

  8. Teri C says:

    This has been a great tour that I participated in. I love the Sylph’s series and would love a set. I cannot wait to get my hands on Queen of the Sylphs and read it. Thank you for publishing this awesome series.

  9. Kaya H says:

    I love the PNR and especially the Sylphs’s!
    I cannot get enough of the series. I love Heyou’s chacter but I also love all of the abilities they all have and their relationships.


    Greetings sylphinians! (or sylphites? sylphalones? Who knows)

    I just wanted to extend a thank you to all you lovely readers for participating in our September Sylph Series! Commenter Sandra Harlow was randomly selected as our prize winner, but I hope that won’t deter you all from delving into these fantastical fantasy romance books!

    Also, be sure to read Sunday’s interview with L. J. McDonald, the author of the Sylph series:

    Thanks again for tuning in!


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