Dorchester Around the World

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?  With the influx of author submissions, galleys, and other materials sent to Dorchester, I get really excited to see boxes shipped to us.  Why do I get so excited for cardboard?  Because I know they have one of two things: new trade books, or new foreign issues of our books!  The foreign editions of our titles come across my desk often.  Most are amazing, and some I raise an eyebrow to; but with the constant flow of these foreign covers, it got me wondering how other countries and cultures interpret a story, and how they choose pictures and images to represent that story.  Sometimes the foreign covers are similar to Dorchester’s, and other times it takes a stretch of my imagination to understand the designer’s vision.  While working in the Production department, I’ve seen many covers and ideas come across the table.  It’s interesting how other cultures interpret the infamous Romance clinch cover.

While I appreciate foreign covers that stick with a similar theme or image, I found that I really love the foreign covers that allow a little more creativity.  In the German cover of Erin Kellison’s Shadow Bound, the artist still has a female figure, but I don’t think she is the focus.  In the U.S. cover, the figure stares straight at the reader, drawing her in with a mysterious atmosphere surrounding her.  The German cover features the profile of a starkly pale, yet luminous, young woman.  The highlighted sections around her face help illustrate the paranormal aspects of the text.  So, I’m stuck; what do y’all think?

The Polish cover of Leanna Renee Hieber’s A Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker is stunning.  I love the psychedelic colors and the scene of London in the background.  The color on both covers pops off the bookshelf, and would definitely attract a reader’s attention.  I love the youthful font on the U.S. version of the cover, and there’s something intriguing about the ghostlike figure on the Polish cover.  Which is the people’s champ?

My opinion is great and all, but I want to hear from you.  Which is your favorite foreign cover!  Have you seen any more of your favorite Dorchester authors’ foreign covers?  Comment and share!

Can’t get enough?! Check out some more German editions of many Dorchester authors here!  P.S.  It helps if you can read German; if not, Google translate has become my new b.f.f.!

2 Responses to Dorchester Around the World

  1. None of the foreign covers draw the eye as well as the U.S. cover of Shadow Bound! There’s something about a human face looking right at you that’s hard to ignore. The German version of Shadow Bound would be my second choice. It has a sense of magic and intrigue…

  2. Samantha Hazell, The Art of Production says:

    I too love the intensity in the cover model’s eyes from the U.S. Shadow Bound cover!

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