Exclusive 6 Chapter Preview of THE PUMPKIN MAN by John Everson

August ends, September begins, and it’s as though someone flips a switch. Suddenly it’s fall, the leaves are turning, the weather’s cooling, and the stores are bringing out the Halloween decorations. It always seems a bit premature, but then before you know it, the holiday has come and gone.

To gear up for Halloween and Dorchester’s release of The Pumpkin Man (Oct 4, trade and e-book) by horror heavy-weight John Everson, we’re offering an exclusive six chapter preview of the book to our e-newsletter subscribers. Every Friday, beginning this Friday the 16th and ending October 7th,  subscribers to our General Interest and Horror newsletters will receive installments of the first 6 chapters, including the prologue and journal entries, in their inbox!

Everson himself will be stopping by the blog after the preview wraps up in October, so be sure to stay caught up on the preview chapters. If you’re not already signed up for one of the Dorchester free e-newsletters, sign up now! Don’t miss out on this exclusive content plus all the latest news, coupons, and more newsletter insiders!


One Response to Exclusive 6 Chapter Preview of THE PUMPKIN MAN by John Everson

  1. Looking forward to it. A timely release!

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