September Sylph Series: Everyone’s favorite bad boy Mace

We continue our celebration of L. J. McDonald’s sylph series, including the latest installment Queen of the Sylph (just released this week!). Today’s profile is of everyone’s favorite bad boy battle sylph, Mace.
In case you missed last week’s kickoff of all things sylph, check out battle sylph Ril’s profile.

Sylph (n): a mythological creature composed of the elements. The term, which originated in Paracelsus, commonly describes sylphs as invisible beings of air or “faeries of the air.” L.J. McDonald’s sylphs are either fire sylphs, air sylphs, water sylphs, earth sylphs, or battle sylphs. Battle sylphs are unique to L.J.’s original fantasy world; they are creatures of magic, unrelentingly male, who were traditionally bound to a male master in a sacrificial ritual. In L.J.’s debut, The Battle Sylph, everything changes when this dark ritual goes awry and a battle sylph is bound to a woman instead.

And away we go…

    • Name: Mace
    • Species: BattleSylph

Sketches of Mace, courtesy of L. J. McDonald

  • Form: Able to take on any form, Mace is shaped by the cruelty of his first master to appear as a seven-foot tall tank of a man in a suit of armor. Later, in his human form, Mace is tall and broad, built like a linebacker.
  • First appears in: The Battle Sylph. He also plays a role in The Shattered Sylph and Queen of the Sylphs, but he really takes center stage in theA Midwinter Fantasy anthology story “The Worth of a Sylph” where he learns the value of family and children, two things battle sylphs rarely achieve.
  • Personality: With attitude, charm, and a teasing sense of humor, Mace has no problem ingratiating himself with the ladies. Drawn to strong women, he serves and deeply cares for the Widow Blackwell. As one of the older battle sylphs in Sylph Valley, Mace is a natural leader. Decisive and firm, he directs his sylphs with absolute authority.
  • Strengths: The older a sylph is, the more powerful he is. Mace has years of strength, endurance, intelligence, and experience backing him up every time he faces a threat. While he can more than take care of himself, Mace works well with a team, like a coach playing his fellow sylphs’ strengths off one another in a fight. While many of  the battle sylphs spent years forced into constricted forms by their power-hungry masters, Mace was allowed a humanoid form and often secretly found comfort in the arms of the palace women—something that surely saved his sanity over the years and made it possible for him to lead.
  • Weaknesses: Like all battle sylphs, Mace sees things very much in black and white. Protect the Queen. Men are evil. This narrow-minded point of view threatens Mace’s chance at having more than just a master and lover in “The Worth of a Sylph,” when a young orphan boy needs a father.
  • First Master: Jasar Doliar, a minor landowner and one of the courtiers in favor with the king and council of Eferem. Suffering from little-man syndrome, Jasar enjoys forcing Mace, a far more powerful being than himself, to follow his every whim.  Once joining Queen Solie in Sylph Valley, Mace finds a second chance with the Widow Blackwell and her rag-tag bunch of orphans.
  • Mace highlights: Chapter 4 in The Battle Sylph paints a clear picture of just what all Mace goes through on a daily basis with Jasar. But things change for the better and for a wonderful glimpse into where things are headed, read chapter 24. “The Worth of a Sylph” is bursting with great Mace scenes that I can’t pick just one! If you’re up for an exhilarating emotional roller-coaster ride with one of the strongest battle sylphs around, Mace and his story is just the ticket.

Check in next Thursday for a sylph profile on the queen’s battler Heyou.

Which type of sylph would you want—air, water, fire, eath, healer, or battler? Leave a comment below and let us know what your preference is. We’ll be choosing one lucky commenter to win the entire series in trade after the last sylph profile (09/29)!


3 Responses to September Sylph Series: Everyone’s favorite bad boy Mace

  1. Yvonne B. says:

    Does it make me sound like too much of a waffler if I can’t make up my mind between a healer and a battler? 🙂

  2. Debbie Embry says:

    I think a water sylph would be the best since it’s needed for life and has so much beauty.


    Greetings sylphinians! (or sylphites? sylphalones? Who knows)

    I just wanted to extend a thank you to all you lovely readers for participating in our September Sylph Series! Commenter Sandra Harlow was randomly selected as our prize winner, but I hope that won’t deter you all from delving into these fantastical fantasy romance books!

    Also, be sure to read Sunday’s interview with L. J. McDonald, the author of the Sylph series:

    Thanks again for tuning in!


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