Pardon the Interruption—THE LONG LAST CALL

“…a purchase is in order, horror fans.” —Bookgasm

“John Skipp is a badass…nothing’s come anywhere near the badassness that is The Long Last Call, one of the most kinetic, fist-to-the jaw reads I’ve experienced in a long, long while.” —Dread Central

“You’d expect someone back from a genre hiatus to enter quietly, test the water, what have you. But with this one-two punch of a book John kicks in the door and saunters in like he owns the place. And after reading it I must say I’d be hard pressed to argue. In conclusion, just buy it. There is no excuse, as a discerning horror fan, to not treat yourself to this one.” —Skullring

“The story works very well and is a quick and entertaining read. Fans of Skipp’s earlier work, Edward Lee, or Richard Laymon will enjoy The Long Last Call…Skipp is a solid and talented writer.”
—Monster Librarian

Watch the book trailer after the jump. Warning: adult content.


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