Fighting Illiteracy One E-Book Bundle at a Time

“Bundling” is a word we love to hear in this economy (no, not the kind of bundling that implies “wooing one’s sweetheart” or “dressing warm in chilly weather”). I’m talking about product bundling, of course, a superbly savvy savings strategy (say that 3 times fast) commonly utilized by the cable industry, fast food chains, software companies, and insurance companies. Well move over other players, because anything you can do, publishing can do better! We’ve got bundling too, only we do it with BOOKS, the best product anyone anywhere could ever dream of bundling.

This is part of why I love my job. I get to create e-book bundles tailored specifically to our audience’s desires; I think about what sorts of combinations fans are looking for, at what price, I create snazzy bundle covers for each one, and release it into the marketplace for your reading pleasure. On a monthly basis there’s always new bundles out there, so you can read multiple books from your favorite authors and genres…for less. *Note: if you’re not already smiling, you should be.

Below is an array of the e-book bundles available right this very second. If you’re an instant gratification fan, you should be smiling, too. My personal favorite is the Virtue bundle, since I love Regency romance, but there’s an array of genre bundles for just about anyone. Click on the bundle covers to learn more!

So remember: e-book bundles give you more to read, for less. So lets support literacy by reading more. Together. We all need to do our part.


*These e-book bundles are exclusive to the Sony Reader store.


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