Author Anne Marsh on Fallen Angels + Giveaway

I’m pleased to welcome Anne Marsh to the Dorchester Community Blog to talk about her steamy paranormal romance, Bond with Me.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love the growing hot trend of fallen angels. Ever since I read Bond with Me I’ve been quite taken with these sexy, slightly tormented, immortal, strong, fallen alpha heroes, and boy does Anne know how to write them!

This is a steamy, steam, STEAMY romance, but at the same time it’s tender, heartwarming, humorous, and entirely memorable. It also has a gorgeous cover that I could happily ogle all day (don’t forget to answer our giveaway question below to get entered to win your very own ogle-able copy).

Well without further ado, I’ll introduce Anne Marsh, who’s bravely answering all my questions about her book, her male inspirations, her beliefs in soul mates, and oh so much more.

Welcome, Anne!

In one sentence, how would you summarize Bond with Me?

Bond with Me is a sensual paranormal romance in which Mischka Baran temporarily sells her soul to fallen angel Brends Duranov in exchange for a favor… but gets more than she bargained for because Brends wants her for eternity—as his bondmate.

You recently posted a piece about “what makes a compelling title” at the RWA Fantasy, Futuristic Paranormal chapter blog.  How did you come up with the title Bond with Me, and how/why do you feel this request appeals to women?

Everything I know about titles I learned from my editor, Alicia Condon, and my agent, Roberta Brown! Those two women really know how to name a book! I’m fairly title-challenged (as I mentioned in the FF&P blog post, I generally give my books really generic working titles…. Bond with Me will always be “the goblin” book to me. Alicia, however, pointed out very nicely, when we were discussing titles for my first Dorchester release, The Hunt, that a good title makes you want to pick up the book and it does so by giving you a taste of the book’s contents. For Bond with Me, I picked a central image from the book—the bond—as that image had both sensual and emotional implications for the heroine. The strong, declarative verb is also perfect for my commanding, take-charge hero. And it makes it easy for me to imagine myself in my heroine’s shoes (because that’s the fun part).

Why would Brends’ erotic plea to bond with me appeal to women? I know why the title appeals to me: these are my hero’s words. He’s strong. Commanding and forceful. And yet, at the end of the day, what he really wants is that emotional connection with my heroine. It’s not just about the sex—although that’s fun, too. He wants her and he wants her forever.

Although fallen angels are becoming a prominent mythology in paranormal romance, your story is one of a kind. What is unique about your take on fallen angels?

Bond with Me was born out of a medieval Slavic description of the Fall. Those medieval writers don’t pull any punches—they’re graphic, blunt and pretty damn bloody. So, I was reading about a battle in Heaven between the archangel Mikhail (Michael) and a cohort of angels. The rebel angels lost (of course) and were literally thrown out of Heaven—after Mikhail ripped their wings from their backs. There then follows a fabulous description of what happened to the Fallen—who became the bogeymen of Slavic mythology. Some of the Fallen became the Goblins, cursed to live with dark faces and forms as an eternal reminder of their sin. Since I’ve always been a fan of the underdog—I always root for the Grendals and Calibans—I started wondering. What if the rebel angels had a good reason for that rebellion?

Another difference between my book and some of the other fallen angel stories on the market right now is the heat level. My books tend to be much sexier and more sensual than many of the current mass market paperback offerings.

Are your alpha heroes based purely in the realm of your imagination, or are they inspired by male characters rooted in reality?

Until recently, I’d absolutely have said that my alpha heroes were based purely in the realm of my imagination. With the coverage in the last two years or so of the fighting in Afghanistan and the conflicts in the Middle East, reality has definitely crept in, however, to a small degree. I’ve read some absolutely compelling descriptions of various military commanders and units.  Time Magazine, for example, described the general in charge of operations in Afghanistan as a disciplined, austere, kick-a** warrior who could have been ripped straight from the pages of a contemporary romance.  Plus, I think many of us have seen that smoking hot picture of the team member from the unit that took out Bin Laden. Joking aside, we’re truly fortunate to have so many real-life heroes and heroines in our military and our first responders. I’m branching out to contemporary  romance with a book about a former Marine turned smoke jumper (Burning Up, April 2012) and these real life heroes have definitely influenced that character.

 If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, then would you say “fallen angels” are more male and “angels” more female?

You don’t want me to go here 😉 This is one of those books that makes me pull my hair out— I’m a big believer that there’s a Mars and a Venus in us all. I love a kick-ass heroine who also has a feminine side. One of the things that bothers me most about the Mars/Venus series is the way men and women get put in these nice, tidy little boxes. I prefer to think of “fallen angels” versus “angels” as being more of a “bad boy” vs. “choir boy” thing… fallen angels are rebels. They’re wounded heroes. And they’ve screwed up. Big time. So now they need to fix things. They just need a feminine assist to figure out how to do that.

I think everyone wants to believe in soul mates. This plays a big part in Bond with Me, but do you think “soul mates” exist in real life?

Honestly? Not in a pre-destined, there’s-only-one-match-for-me kind of a way. Does that mean I have to give back my official romance writer club card? I absolutely believe we can all find our soul mates—but it may take work (okay, lots of work). And that there may very well be more than one person out there I could love. After all, if there was only one match for each person, I suspect the world would be severely under-populated. I met my husband at college—but what if he’d got in to his first choice school, two thousand miles across the country? Or what if I hadn’t gone to that college kegger? Plus, meeting one’s spouse at a college kegger ought to be proof enough, right there… that’s hardly the “soul mate” material of a book, but we resonated with each other on that night and then we also grew and changed and lived together…. And I believe it’s that ability that really makes soul mates soul mates.

If a fallen angel/Goblin and a vampire (the tame, sparkly kind) were both vying for a woman’s heart, which do you think would win and why?

If it’s a tame vampire, I’d go with the fallen angel any day (plus, Edward’s just too young for me). I love alphas—beta males have never appealed to me. I blame that on Dorchester, by the way—Dorchester introduced me to Christine Feehan and the joys of a really, really alpha paranormal hero. I’ve been hooked ever since. For me, fallen angels are the ultimate alpha bad boys and I’ve always had a serious soft spot for bad boys. Good looks helped, but it’s the attitude, the you-can-kick-me-but-I’ll-come-back-stronger mindset. I love a man who is strong inside and out, who has the courage of his convictions—but who is still open to meeting a life-changing woman and redemption at her hands. The hero of Bond with Me, Brends Duranov, is a fallen angel who believes he rebelled against the Heavens for the right reasons. Whether he’s right or wrong in that belief, he accepts that there’s a price to pay for his rebellion and he’s not whining about his exile to Earth or his lost wings. He’s paying and he’s shouldering ahead.

 Are there any ways in which being a romance  author differs from being an author ?

Only when you’re at the neighborhood barbecue and someone asks what you write. When I’m feeling playful, I throw out “I write for a living” and wait for the “Oh—what do you write?” question. Reel them in. Sometimes, the person asking reads romance—and sometimes, they don’t. Generally, however, I’ve found that most people are impressed with the ability to string together 80,000 words and then sucker someone else into paying for said words.

Bottom line is that writing is a business (or, at least, it is if you’d like to get paid to do it). I’ve also written software manuals, marketing communications pieces, web content, advertising copy, academic articles… and all of these different genres require a solid understanding of craft and structure, along with being able to play well with others (actually, now that I think about it, the most brutal edits I’ve ever got have been in the academic field—it makes book reviews seem all fluffy love), take feedback, and meet deadlines.

His Dark Bond, the sequel to Bond with Me, is set for a January 2012 trade paperback release with Kensington Brava. Is there anything you can share with your fans at this point?

I’m absolutely delighted that the next book in my Fallen series, His Dark Bond, will be published by Kensington Brava on February 1, 2012. His Dark Bond is Zer’s story and he merits a very sexy, very stubborn soul mate of his own. He certainly looks absolutely fabulous on his new cover!

For more on Anne Marsh, visit her blog or email her at

Bond with Me is now available in trade and e-book.

GIVEAWAY QUESTION: In the world of Bond with Me, a fallen angel will grant you any one wish if you “bond” with him and sate all his desires. What would your one wish be?

15 Responses to Author Anne Marsh on Fallen Angels + Giveaway

  1. Anne, what a great interview. I’m so stoked to read your fallen angel books!

    If a fallen angel would grant any wish, I’d wish for immortality so the sating-his-desires part wouldn’t have to end. 😉

    • Lad Castle says:

      You sound amazing; I too am a writer of sorts and can appreciate an author cranking out book after book of your caliber.
      About the question: I believe man is created above the level of angels; as you are proving by your novels. YOU as the author are breathing life into your characters therefore granting THEM eternal life.
      Good job!

  2. donnas says:

    Great interview. Really looking forward to reading your books.

    As for my wish, I would want my family to be happy and not have to worry about money and health.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  3. Jennifer L says:

    Sounds like a wonderful premise, eager to hear more. One wish would have to be for continued health and happiness for my family, but there’s a good point to the immortality thing!

  4. Anne Marsh says:

    Lad: thanks! Donna and Jennifer– yes, I’m right with you there! I appreciate you all taking the time to stop by

  5. Yvonne B. says:

    Wonderful interview (and I must have bypassed all of the appropriate (and inappropriate) keggers at Uni, but that’s another story altogether).

    As for the wish, well, for the health, happiness, and financial well being of assorted family and friends and for the time to ensure that it happens.

  6. Kelly Wolf says:

    I love that this was an actual interesting interview! It certainly sparked my interest in your books!

    My wish? That everyone in the world would have peace in their hearts- even if just for a short time.

  7. Rachael Lynn says:

    great interview! Bond With Me is definitely on my ‘to be read’ list!

    My wish would be for everyone to have the ability to live the life they want and have all opportunities available to them.

  8. Christy says:

    I enjoyed reading this interview (I was interested in the book as soon as I read “steamy”) 😉
    My wish . . . to restore health

  9. nitethyme says:

    I write about fallen angels too. I was really interested in your interview. I did a lot of research but mostly in the Christian and Hebrew mythologies. Your books sound marvelous.

  10. Stephanie Christine says:

    I love this series and I’m so happy Zer’s story is next! If I could bond with a fallen angel I would want to never have to work again

  11. skyla11377 says:

    My one wish would be to have eternal life with the man I love. Anne I love, love, loved the interview. This series sounds really good. I would so love to read it. There is just something about Fallen Angels that just makes you want to redeem them, plus they are always so HOT to look at….lol.


  12. Mine would be time. Time for everyone, including myself, to achieve the contentment that would bring someone happiness and be satisifed with their life and with who they chose to spend the time with.

  13. Loved this interview! Without time to think, I’d probably ask for 20 bucks for gas…I kid! Given more time to consider, I’d probably hope for new experiences…be it new times, new places, new people…whatever!


    Congrats to our winner, Kelly Wolf! Kelly, please check your email to redeem your copy of BOND WITH ME.

    A big thank you to all who commented! These interviews are best when shared with our readers. I hope you all will continue to follow Anne Marsh, and of course, check back in to the Dorchester Community Blog for more author interviews and giveaways!


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