Summer Sale on Beach Reads!

Remember the days when all you needed at the beach was a towel and a good book? Well look out traditionalists, because the new beach essentials are sunscreen and an e-reader!

No one wants to be caught with only one book at the beach; it’s just as irresponsible to have a minimal amount of reading options as it is to intentionally give yourself skin cancer. So grab your SPF and load up your e-reader with our Summer Beach Reads! Whether you’re looking for a steamy romance or a lighthearted contemporary, these books are the perfect addition to your seaside forays. And we’re offering them at $3.99 just for you!

Happy Summer!



2 Responses to Summer Sale on Beach Reads!

  1. Gee. . . Summer Sale on Beach Reads. . . Where’s the horror? Looks to me like it’s all romance.


    Hi Michael,
    We rotate sales through our genres. As we just recently had a Father’s Day sale on Westerns and Horrors, we gave Romance center stage for our Summer Reads sale.
    As you just missed the Father’s Day sale, here’s some upcoming Horror sales that you can look forward to: Jemiah Jefferson’s Vampire Quartet series will be the “Deal of the Week” starting July 19th and Edward Lee’s titles will be the “Deal of the Week” starting August 9th. Also, Simon Clark’s STRANGER, Graham Masterton’s SPIRIT, and Edward Lee’s BRIDES OF THE IMPALER will be offered as $2.99 downloads on Amazon, Sony, and BN from 7/15-8/6.

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