All About Audio(books)—sample chapter of SNOW, autographed copies available

“What if a snowstorm wasn’t really a snowstorm, but a camouflage for something hideous? A cover or a mask for something horrible that comes in to feed? ” —Ronald Malfi

Malfi asks the questions and provides one hell of an answer with Snow.

Preview the first chapter of Snow for free.  A limited supply of autographed copies are available at the regular price, so be sure to order your copy today!

“Ronald Malfi has a way with words. His command of the language will leave you breathless, dreaming of vivid landscapes, and in terrible fear for your life. The monsters in Malfi’s mind become tangible and all too real when he sets them loose on the page. Snow is an incredible modern horror story with a decadent feel, and the perfect marriage of beauty and brutality. His writing is reminiscent of the old classics, but has all of the daring and flair of the modern genre.” —Paperback Horror

“Malfi’s use of language and his power of description are sublime.” —Fear Zone

“An immensely talented writer.” —Literary Strange Digest

“What horror should be! [Five stars]” —SF Reader on The Fall of Never

“Filled with subtle horror, imagination and skill. [Five stars]” —Horror-Web on The Fall of Never

“Ronald Malfi masterfully blends psychological terror and traditional gothic horror.”
—Dark Realms on The Fall of Never


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