My Mom is Wicked Pretty

Moms are pretty amazing—there’s really no disputing that. Hopefully, we all remember to celebrate our mom more than one day a year, but on that very special Mother’s Day that comes but once a year, I’d like to think that’s when we all step it up a bit. This Mother’s Day, as with many years past, I donned a special tee proclaiming “My Mom is Wicked Pretty.” Hey, what can I say—I speak the truth. The tee gets plenty of wear year round, too, especially on laundry day;)

To help celebrate mothers everywhere, a few of our Dorchester authors who also happen to be mothers have graciously shared their thoughts and experiences when it comes to being both a mother and a writer.

Natale Stenzel, author of such sweet and sassy contemporaries as The Druid Made Me Do It and Pandora’s Box, pondered the question below. Look for the latest from Natale, Dancing with Faeries in Nov. 2011!

What has motherhood brought to my writing?

Complications. Complexity. Hysteria. Depth of emotion. Above all, perspective. When my kids were very small, I clung to my writing as vital to my identity.  Lost in diapers, 2 am feedings, ear infections and strollers, I reclaimed myself at the computer keyboard from 6 to 8 pm every evening. As my kids got a little older, I also began writing during their naptime, which, as they grew out of naps, magically became “quiet time” (absolutely the best scam ever invented). Then quiet time faded with the onset of the school day, soon after which a funny thing happened. The babies I diapered and fed grew into amazing brainstorming buddies. They’re smart, funny, creative — and far more vital to my happiness than this crazy business could ever be. Perspective.

Susan Grant, our favorite pilot who also happens to be a mother of two and successful romance novelist, really has it figured out. I hope both these wonderful women and all the moms out there had a day full of being-waited-on-hand-and-foot!

What advice would you give to an aspiring author who is trying to balance writing and being a mom?

I have always prioritized my life where family comes first. I place my children and my raising of them before work, whether it be flying or writing. Doing this made life easier for me, not harder, because it was always clear what decisions I’d make–the ones that enabled me to see to my family’s needs first. Sure, otherwise I may have written more books and more often. I might have have attended more conferences and done more interviews. No regrets. I know I made the right choices, because I am very happy and my kids, now 18 and 19, are the greatest any mom could wish for. There is a saying that at the end of your life, what matters most are loved ones, not how many bestseller lists you were on or how fantastic your website was.I thought Tina Fey in her new memoir Bossypants said it best: “Work won’t visit you when you’re old. Work won’t drive you to get a mammogram and take you out after for soup.”  🙂  Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there!


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