Dorchester Presents Fall Titles at IPS Conference

There’s more to Tennessee than just country music.

Just twenty minutes outside of Nashville is a town called LaVergne. This is the home of Ingram Publisher Services, Dorchester’s distributor. We began our partnership with them in 2010, officially launching our trade line in January of 2011, and boy are we happy with our new team! IPS has it all: a superb publisher support group, easy inventory reports and ordering, an incredibly talented sales team, speedy tech support, and a sparkling printing warehouse. They’re pretty much a publisher’s dream.

IPS hosts three sales conferences a year in sunny LaVergne, TN. Their publishing clients converge from all around the nation (and world!) to present the upcoming season’s titles to Ingram’s sales reps. The affair spans over a full week, giving the IPS team plenty to get excited about.

Both Tim DeYoung (Senior VP of Sales, Marketing, Distribution) and I flew to Nashville to present Dorchester’s Fall trade titles during the April Spring conference. We were anxious to see what the reps’ response would be to our upcoming offerings. Unsurprisingly, they seemed as excited as we were about “what’s next” for Dorchester! Our Fall list is the mix of quality Western, horror, thriller, and romance titles we’re known for; we’ve got all new Westerns in the classic style, fresh chills and thrills by masters like John Everson and John Skipp, charming historical romances, enthralling paranormal romances, next in series from L.J. McDonald, A.J. Menden, Helen Scott Taylor, and Leigh Greenwood, and of course, enough murder, mystery, and mayhem to keep any thriller fan happy!

Although we took some time to meet and greet with the varied IPS team, stroll through the streets of Nashville, and indulge in some good ol’ BBQ, the best part of this business trip was seeing the same enthusiasm we have for our titles mirrored in our sales team.

It looks like Fall is going to be a great season for Dorchester, and we’re looking forward to seeing what our fans think about our upcoming titles!


3 Responses to Dorchester Presents Fall Titles at IPS Conference

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