Chuck Hustmyre: Dorchester’s got a movie-magic author

Most authors have a way with words (or their editors do). Some authors have a mastery over words.  This mastery is uncommon. It often results in the kind of reading that activates all the senses; the lines between reality and fiction blur, and suddenly you forget that you’re not really fighting a maleficent wizard or beholding Frankenstein’s monster, you’re not really d’Artagnan pursuing Athos in a duel, and that isn’t really the smell of Christmas dinner, and no that is not Tiny Tim sitting next to you. The ability to activate this kind of relationship between book and reader is rare. That being said, this rarity is exactly what film studios look for when opting to translate a book into film. They want that umami, that mastery that makes words into movie magic. It’s not every day that an author gets the honor of having their book made into a movie, and guess what? Dorchester’s got one of them.

Chuck Hustmyre is a new author at Dorchester. His first book with us, A Killer Like Me, is set to be published in August 2011. Yet Hustmyre’s already an authorial pro. He’s the author of An Act of Kindness (Penguin, 2007), House of the Rising Sun (Salvo Press, 2004), Unspeakable Violence, and Killer With a Badge (Penguin, 2004). He’s written nearly 700 newspaper and magazine articles and is the recipient of myriad journalistic awards. Being the impressively dark, gritty crime novelist that he is, it comes as no surprise his first novel, House of the Rising Sun, was optioned by Grindstone/Lionsgate in 2010.

House of the Rising Sun follows an ex-New Orleans cop who gets framed for a robbery and murder that takes place at the Mafia-owned casino/brothel where he works. This book has been called “lean, mean and nasty,” “grim,” and hailed as “superb detective fiction.” Edward Noeltner of CMG, the film’s international sales company, gushed that the “House of the Rising Sun is the ideal combination of crime, action, and thriller elements.”

Hustmyre is known for effortlessly transporting his readers into whatever crime scene he’s painting. His 22 years in law enforcement allows him to make even police procedure feel accessible to the average reader. There’s no doubt that he’s got something special, and needless to say we’re pretty proud to have a movie-magic author here at Dorchester.

Expect to see House of the Rising Sun in theaters in 2011. The film will star David Bautista (WWE Champion, Wrong Side of Town), Amy Smart (Crank, The Butterfly Effect), Dominic Purcell (Prison Break, Equilibrium), Craig Fairbrass (The Bank Job), and Danny Trejo (Machete). Brian A. Miller (Caught in the Crossfire) will direct. For more info on the film, please visit Chuck’s Web site.


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