My Foray into Genre Fiction, Casper, and Other Strange Observations

Tricky Nicki, the intern

I never really pictured myself as a romance-reading kind of girl. Or Western, for that matter. And yet suddenly here I am, an intern at Dorchester Publishing, the oldest independent mass-market publisher in the country. Not to say that I’m completely out of my comfort zone. Reading has always been my thing; some people can paint, some can sing, and me? I read. A lot. I do have to admit: even though I read (a somewhat ridiculous amount) before interning here, I had only completed one romance and one Western novel. Pathetic, I know. Fear not – I am already well on my way to romance-enlightenment.

I’ve started this quest with Shadow Bound, which is written by Erin Kellison. Once again, I found myself vastly underprepared to tackle this unknown territory that I never knew existed. Before even opening the novel, I had already drawn some pretty drastic conclusions. Not knowing much about romance, much less paranormal romance, I equated it to Casper. Before you write me off as completely deluded, let me explain. I figured the storyline would go something like this: woman falls in love with ghost, ghost becomes real, and bam. You’ve got yourself a happily-ever-after. I know. How judgmental and misguided. I may have typecast it quickly, but once I started reading it I changed my opinion just as fast. Shadow Bound is not about a ghost; it’s about creatures known as wraiths, and the mysterious in-between world of Twilight. The heroine, Talia, is half-human, half-something-else – I don’t want to ruin the journey for you. Basically, it’s Talia, her mysterious powers, and the human race against the wraiths that are set to destroy them all.

So far, I absolutely love it. I’m already head-over-heels for the romance genre: yes, I am saying that with two whole books to back it up with. Jennifer Ashley’s Penelope and Prince Charming was the first. Definitely a great book to pick if you’re curious about romance; it’s going to pull you in just as it did to me.

It may sound dramatic, but reading Shadow Bound is really the perfect analogy to my foray into the publishing world. I’ve always loved reading, just as I’ve always known I want to go into publishing. Now that I work here, I can see how narrow my vision was. Back then (was that only a month ago?) publishing to me was corporations and general fiction. I considered myself an avid reader but I only read one small section of the whole. So far both Dorchester and genre fiction has warmly welcomed me in, and I’m so prepared to rework my vision and jump into romance, horro, and yes – even Western.

Signed yet another intern,
Nicki Banholzer


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