Dorchester Announces Partnership with NetGalley



New York, NY/ February 21, 2011–Dorchester Publishing announced today that they will use NetGalley to deliver digital galleys and other promotional materials to reviewers, bloggers, educators, media, booksellers, and other professional readers.

Dorchester plans to utilize NetGalley’s services to establish an environmentally friendly and cost effective approach to galley distribution. NetGalley will enable Dorchester to share protected, searchable digital galleys with a significantly wider audience. Building off of their long established network of reviewers and bloggers, Dorchester will also be offering their digital galleys to NetGalley’s 19,500 plus members.

NetGalley’s services are device agnostic: they can be uploaded on a wide range of devices, including the Barnes and  Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle, Borders Kobo, Sony Reader, and the reader’s own desktop. NetGalley registration is simple and free. In an effort to protect the value of their author’s works, Dorchester’s titles will only be available as a DRMd file.

Dorchester’s signature mix of quality Romance, Thriller, Western, and Horror titles will be available for review on Dorchester’s public catalog. Although their catalog will continue to grow in the coming months, the initial launch catalog includes:

A Congregation of Jackals, S. Craig Zahler (November 2010)

The Devil’s Temptress, Laura Navarre (February 2011)

The Lake, Richard Laymon (March 2011)

Wired, Liz Maverick (March 2011)

Showers of Gold, Zane Grey (March 2011)

The Range Queen, Jane Candia Coleman (March 2011)

Spirit, Graham Masterton (April 2011)

The Grail King, Joy Nash (April 2011)

Dark Legacy, Anna DeStefano (August 2009)

Secret Legacy, Anna DeStefano (May 2011)

The Bonaparte Secret, Gregg Loomis (May 2011)

About Dorchester Publishing

Founded in 1971, Dorchester became the oldest independent mass-market publisher in the U.S., and the only mass-market house with dedicated lines for Westerns and horror. Dorchester has always been a company that’s willing to take risks. Recently they’ve made the exciting transition from mass-market to trade paperback and e-book formats. Dorchester is proud to be at the forefront of the change in the industry to a more digital base readership while we continue to publish our signature genre fiction.  For almost 40 years Dorchester’s dedicated staff has worked tirelessly to discover and promote new talent. The romance line has built such stars as Christine Feehan, Katie MacAlister, Connie Mason, Lynsay Sands, and numerous others. Dorchester books have won awards for every category in which they’re eligible and have been featured in The New York Times, Newsweek, USA Today, Redbook, Time, CNN, The Los Angeles Times and many more.

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2 Responses to Dorchester Announces Partnership with NetGalley

  1. Ron Matrisch says:

    The best thing this company could do is get David Thompsons Wilderness series back into paperback status.This e book stuff is junk, what a disservice to all of fans of Davids books.I have all 64 until you folks stopped on me and other fans of his


      Thank you for your comment, Ron.

      I would like to take this opportunity to clarify that Dorchester is not an e-book only publisher and that the Wilderness series will continue to be released in both print and digital formats. The trade paperback line actually began with the Wilderness series packaged as double editions. Dorchester will continue this tradition as we work to get the backlist of the series available in trade. Future titles in the series will also be available in trade with the possibility of mass market, too.

      You can find our list of upcoming titles at our website, including information about new titles and re-releases in the Wilderness series.
      Wilderness Double: Seed of Evil (65)/Garden of Eden (66) is due out in trade in September.

      Thanks for your interest in the Wilderness series!

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