Welcome to the Dorchester Community Blog!

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Dorchester Publishing’s Community Blog!

2011 is all about new beginnings here at Dorchester. We’ve instituted our e-book and trade model and launched our new and improved e-commerce Web site that is capable of selling e-books and print. Bestselling authors along with bright new voices are filling the pipeline with the quality genre fiction you’ve come to expect from the Dorchester house. Exciting new titles as well as the latest installments in your favorite series are hitting bookshelves and e-readers everywhere. All in all, the team is poised to make Dorchester’s 40th year one like you’ve never seen before!

In addition to all these firsts, we’re adding one more to our list—the Dorchester Community Blog. This blog will foster an environment for both readers and authors alike to interact, exchange ideas, and discover new and exciting fiction. Aspiring writers will get an inside look at the biz—everything from perfecting your elevator pitch to tips on marketing yourself in the digital age. With updates from all departments, exclusive author interviews, contests and giveaways, sneak peeks at upcoming titles, and some serial fiction, there’s something for everyone!

So go ahead and add the Dorchester Community Blog to your bookmarks (you know you want to!) and join in on the discussion—we welcome all questions/comments/suggestions.

We wish you all a warm and cozy holiday season. If you need a good book to make your holidays that much cozier, you’re definitely in the right place!


The Team at Dorchester Publishing


3 Responses to Welcome to the Dorchester Community Blog!

  1. Amy Curry says:

    I am not at all happy that you have chosen to go with the e-book only in David Thompson’s Wilderness Series. This is my husbands all time favorite series of books and he has read every one of them, and now if he wants to keep reading the series, we will have to spend hundreds of dollars that we don’t have to buy an e-reader of some sort. There is just something warm and personal about being able to hold an actual book in your hands to read.
    Please reconsider and don’t stop publishing books.

  2. Allison Carroll, Editorial and Web Coordinator says:

    Thank you for your comment Amy!

    I would like to take this opportunity to clarify that Dorchester is not an e-book only publisher and that the Wilderness series will continue to be released in both print and digital formats. The trade paperback line actually began with the Wilderness series packaged as double editions. Dorchester will continue this tradition as we work to get the backlist of the series available in trade. Future titles in the series will also be availble in trade with the possibility of mass market, too. Your husband is not the only fan of Thompson’s that would like to see the series continue in print and we at Dorchester have committed ourselves to providing multiple formats of titles to satisfy all our readers’ preferences.

    You can find our list of upcoming titles at our website, including information about new titles and re-releases in the Wilderness series.

    Allison Carroll
    Editorial and Web Coordinator
    Dorchester Publishing

  3. Amy Curry says:

    Thank you for your reply Allison!!! I have never had such a fast response from any other company, and it is greatly appreciated.
    My husband will be so excited to know that he will be able to keep going with the series.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

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